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Today is Geri’s birthday.   At 7:30 am I called her to SING happy birthday to her.  “Gee,” she said, “You can really carry a tune.”  This from my cousin who told me to stop singing when we were picking huckleberries as it might bring the bears out.  Ha…  my sweet aunt Dot came to my defense.  Thank you, Aunt Dot. 

Ken made breakfast for Geri which was very likely delicious.  He is a very good chef.   Hmm… we have always had great meals when we visit.   So… happy birthday to Geri – you are just a little bit older than I am.  You have always paved the way.  Thankfully all our childhood fights are behind us, poor Geri, I would usually win and she has the scares to prove it.  Enjoy your day – Geri! 

(I haven’t received the list of “classic” books you DO have – how can I get you a “prezze”?)

We also celebrate the birth of two wee ones today.  TWIN BOYS – born to Rena and Collyn.  A few weeks early, breathing on their own and cutest little ones you will ever see.  (I have not seen them yet.  I just know they are.)  Happy ‘birth’ day to Magnus and Caleb.  We cannot wait to meet you.  We have volunteered our help, just waiting for the schedule and we will be there.

... Geri ...
… Geri …


Happy Birthday to my ‘sister/cousin.’


Much love and many years of laughter to come.

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