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Last year 2008, was the year of weddings, six, one 50th  anniversary, two babes and no funerals.   Still no funerals, (yes, I know Bev passed away but there has been no funeral)  eight wee babes and four weddings for 2009.  One Aussie babe is yet to be born.  It is the cycle of life or seasons whichever way you look at it.   Babies, weddings and funerals.  We arrive naked and wrinkled, look fabulous for the big day then depart naked and wrinkled.  There must be some philosophical quote to bring just the right meaning to naked and wrinkled with a fancy dress  day thrown in the middle.   Hmm…. someone must have said something profound about it all.

A garden wedding and a ‘birth’ day to celebrate in the future.  Attended a lovely garden wedding and wee Liam Elliott was born today at 12.41 PM.  Weighing in at 8 lbs 11.5 oz and 25 inches long, Liam will be a delight to all  as we watch him grow.   A good day – no funerals to dampen the joy.

I just spent 5 hours/5 days in the classroom at UBC- an intensive short fiction course.  It was one of the best courses I have taken in creative writing.  Excellent instructor – Nancy Lee.  If you ever have a chance to be in her class – go!  There was so much to absorb, great exercises to get the creative juices flowing and just fun.  I came home tired and very happy.  Of course, when one is focused, all other responsibilities took a back seat, including email correspondence. 

Mama’s Visitors ~

A past week was busy cleaning and working. It flew by including  a couple of visits to see mom.  She is doing very well.  YES, including some visitors other than just me.   I brought a White Spot lunch on Friday.  Saturday – a visit from a daughter, Sharon,  and great grand-daughter, Taylor as well as another little friend.  It was a good week for mom.  She loves to have visitors.

I am still getting on the staff for NOT putting a slip under mom’s dress.  (Insert – a huge scream of frustration)    I have thought of a logical, common sense plan–a slip looped over the hanger with the dress.  They cannot miss that, can they??   The slip is right there with the dress–therefore, common sense dictates the slip needs to be put on before the dress is put on.  Seems very straight forward to me, don’t you think?!?

Interesting isn’t it when one thinks on a subject and up pops some information to digest.  Such was the case with brain plasticity or improving brain connectivity, it  just dropped into my lap on Thursday.  One experiment involving two groups, one group played finger exercises on the piano while the other group thought of moving their fingers in a simple “scale” exercise has produced the same results.  New brain activity.  I will try the exercise with mom and see what happens.  Hopefully–good things.

Saturday, the new outdoor patio furniture arrived.  I am in heaven.  I love it.  Saturday evening I watched the sun go down while lounging on the outdoor sofa.  This morning–coffee while I finished a book.  This evening–dessert with our neighbours.  Heaven!  All the research and waiting for just the right pieces has culminated in a beautiful outdoor room.  I love it.  Oh, I said that already.  I had to say it again.  There is a saying “if mama is happy then everyone is happy.”  I am happy.  Hot and very happy with my new “stuff.”

... sunset in Morocco ...
… sunset in Morocco …


Stay ‘cool’ and loved in your part of the world.  Geoff took this off the coast of Africa on a surfing trip.   Where there is surf – there are surfers.

Sharing sunsets from all over the world.


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  1. I want to see a picture…a big one…of your new patio furniture so I can ohh and ahhh over it . I am wanting patio furniture but cannot find any suitable that isn’t thousands of dollars :) I could not believe the price of them once I started looking. I’m waiting for the end of season sale and will have to wait until next year to enjoy it :)

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