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… convertibles …

Convertibles — had one once.  My first car, a Triumph Spitfire, Mark III, lemon yellow.  Yes, it was a bit of a lemon.  Pity the big guy, he noticed the transmission shifter was a bit loose.  Guess what he discovered when he took it apart — a very dirty white towel wrapped around the gears under the housing.  We assumed it was to keep the noise down.  It did have a glass pack (?) exhaust pipe which made it sound very cool.  Heh, I was nineteen and it was my first.   Long story – short.  I drove that little car all over the province, from Vancouver to Prince George to Vernon and back several times.  I lost layers of skin off my nose for two summers.  Then… sadly I had a rear-end accident, fixed it and sold it.  We had some lovely times, Herb and I before we married.  He in his fire engine red TR6 and me in my lemon Spitfire.  I will find a photo of my 1ST.

We have talked about getting another sports car, just so people can say “look at those old farts” like we did before we had our sports cars.  We could still look “cool” in one.  Perhaps …..

You know I am leading up to something .. yes, another convertible.  I drive a gas guzzling vehicle (because of work), that  swallowed my CDs, that ate my Jesse Cook favourites, that swallowed a fly……  The service manager gave me her car for the day, to make up for all the trouble I had trying to get a new stereo system and my fave CDs back.  Yes, a convertible. 

Now I remember why I have a love/hate thing for “fast/top down/sun on your head” cars.  On very hot days stuck in traffic because the city has ripped up every street trying to improve the transit system for the Winter Olympics coming next February which will only cause more traffic jams and frustrations causing great grief and anxiety to all, (breathe), the sun beats down on your head causing a slight case of sunstroke.  The relief from tall buildings on Georgia was few and far between as I  s-l-o-w-l-y  drove towards the via duct. 

Oh, yes, when eating a sandwich (doesn’t everyone multi task while driving, you know, having lunch at the same time as you drive to a meeting) hair gets in your mouth.  My hair is not as long as it was over 20 years ago, and, I still got the same effect.  The wind whipping around my head, the hair flying in my face, the memories of being cool, well, at least in my mind, caused me to think again on buying a convertible.  Perhaps, I should have wrapped a beautiful scarf around my head, like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, with big sunglasses, my hand draped over the wheel and the sun glinting off the gold bracelet with the one fabulous charm dangling ever so gracefully.  Yeah, great image, sadly not reality.  It’s good to have dreams.   Geri – remember our little shopping trip in your Porsche, just as much fun in a Mustang.    Maybe, I can talk the big guy into another top down classic. My dream car – Jaguar XKE!   Or an Austin Healey with a two tone paint scheme!  Or a little lemon yellow Triumph Spitfire just so the big guy can play around with his tools.

...top down...

...top down...


The convertible ride for five hours on Tuesday – re-living my youth, looking cool or trying to, with the top down.  

Stay “COOL” and loved.


Click on the link “Under the Lilac Trees”   Pam has captured amazing thunderstorm photos, see the August 1st entry.


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  1. I was not allowed a convertible, so I had a sunroof VW. It was a ’55, black with red interior and the sliding top was white. Even had red three piece luggage made to fit behind the back seat. Got it when I graduated from UCLA, and almost immediately I headed to Vancouver, BC for the rest of the summer. That was a wild summer. Loved those Canadian boys !
    Now take a look at Pam’s blog today, talk about colour !!
    XOX, B

  2. lilacacres said:

    Love it !!!!!!!!! When we were talking yesterday, it sounded like you had wind in your hair :) Were you in that mustang then ?

    I owned a 1961 VW convertible. It was fun to drive, but I am so short that I had to drive it with the top UP – otherwise I could not see out, behind me, or either side any farther back than the back seat !!!!! Wish I still had it though…….


    • fromthecoastland said:

      Pam –
      I had the windows open so the wind could blow through the car. Still muggy yesterday. Finally cooled off today.
      I will look for the photo of my lemon Spitfire. Loved that little car. Herb always called the back wheels – happy wheels – they were always waving at you. You see, the back wheels slanted in a bit and they kind of waved – so I guess you had to see them to understand. And… now that I think about it… why were the back wheels slanted in a bit?? I will have to ask about that. I just had a great time in my lst car. Burnt nose and burnt chest. I always wore a tank top when driving with the top down. Kept the sun tan even. Now I would never do that – sun damage. Ahhh youth is wasted on the youth.

  3. lilacacres said:

    Oh, the wheels were cambered like VW’s I bet :)

    Love to see a photo when you can find one !


  4. check out the story of my first convertible…an Austin Healey 3000…what a great sportscar….I later purchased a 1967 MGB and Triumph Spitfire…I was very loyal to British Leyland. http://leicaman.wordpress.com/2009/08/18/1967-a-very-good-year/ Really enjoyed your blog!

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