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It is a given when searching for something in several boxes, it will always be found in the last box or basket.  Such was the search for a photo of my first convertible sports car – the lemon yellow Spitfire in which I had many happy hours driving all over British Columbia. 

... my first car ...
… my first car …


 On a warm Easter weekend in 1972, I flew to Vancouver to buy a sports car.

I had a choice between this lemon yellow or a burgundy Spitfire.  My brother said something fell off of the burgundy car when we popped the hood. 

This was the lucky winner … little did I know the transmission had a towel wrapped around the gears to keep the noise down.   Lemon yellow..I should have known.   A    black and white Polaroid of my little gem.

 As I said, I drove all over the province in this baby… until I met the big guy and he said, “let me look at the transmission, it doesn’t sound right.”  Yeah, after how many trips from Prince George to Vancouver, Prince George to Vernon, Vernon to Vancouver,Vancouver to Victoria, back to  Vancouver  and back to Prince George, all with the towel wrapped around the transmission.  So if you are out there reading this blog and you know about the towel…. shame on you.  Oh well, what did my brother know about sports cars anyway. 

... long legs & a sports car...

... long legs & a sports car...


The long legged girl in Victoria about to go in for  lunch with Shirley and Bill.  I remember that trip now… I smoked like a chimney.  

Thankfully I gave it up shortly thereafter.  I would probably be on oxygen now, wheeling it around behind me as I gasp for air.  Argh.. the smoke in my hair and clothes…not nice.

The jacket, one of my favourites – a Valentino Vogue pattern.   I made the whole suit – jacket, skirt, trousers and vest.  Plus the matching burgundy eyeglasses.  I had several colours…just because I could. 

Oh… how young!

In the fall of ’72 we moved to Vancouver.  Ahhh, the ocean, the mountains, the beach, the sand, the sand everywhere, the single “sort-of”  life…., the new friends, the job, a few parties, the shopping, the shoes, the fabrics, all in the big city.  I’ve never left.  I just moved to suburbia.

Sadly one day I had a little accident…..



My poor little car and I had a rear-end on 49th heading home after a long day in the salt mines… it was hot, I was tired, I was following too close, I was not paying attention, I looked away for a second… the rest is in the photo. 

My poor little car was towed  to the underground parking and there it sat until I saved enough money to fix it.  I think it cost me $1500.00 to make it all shiny and new again. 

After much deliberation and sadness, I sold it to a couple of happy guys, well, one happy guy.  Maybe it was the guy I bought it from, all fixed and the transmission too, it was a steal….

The story of my first convertible sports car…….  Thankfully the big guy had his TR6 for another year.    Maybe… another sports car is in our future.  Maybe…something a little newer.  Maybe…a classic Mercedes…or another British sports car…or if I really get lucky, a classic Jag.  It is good to have dreams….


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Love that car !

    Thank you for taking the time to find the photo. I can just see you in that car…..hair streaming back, too much sun :) How fun !

    Lets write and sell a LOT of books and get you that Jaguar XKE is it ?

    Love to you


    • fromthecoastland said:

      Pam – Loved that little car. It was so low, it felt like I was sitting an inch off the payment. It was tough on the legs. A Jaguar XKE – well they cost a small fortune, so it would have to be LOTS. After last night’s class, not feeling talented or capable. Will suck it up and persevere. See you soon & love you back.

  2. finally I know how to work this

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