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Road trip… time for a weekend  to meet the new Airedale puppy, time to let all the ‘mama’ worry fall off the shoulders, and just have some fun with Geri and Ken.  A quick trip to meet the new puppy – Mack, aka – Mack-attack.  He is a delightful Airedale puppy, sweet, gentle and learning his manners. 

... sitting still ...
… sitting still …

Sunday morning, sitting pretty with Geri,  Mack, the very cute Airedale puppy entertained us with his antics.  He LOVES shoes, any shoe will do and the more sparkles the better.  I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman jelly shoes with sparkly crystals, fun shoes which Mack thought were great to chew while still on my feet.  Funny puppy, my shoes, the big guy’s sandals, Geri’s shoes, Ken’s shoes all very tempting; it is a game of “grab and dash” as fast as he can with the treasured shoe in the mouth,  always thwarted, always a game and so much fun.   

Saturday was a day for riding, shopping, eating…. just relaxing, letting all the responsibilities fall off for a weekend.  Rain and clouds in the forecast, but, did it stop us from riding with the top down…. NO…

... top down...

... top down...

We still had fun in the sport cars… the big guys in the Jaguar, Geri and I in the Porsche.. top down, hair blowing in the wind, sun glasses on and a few rain drops.  What are a few rain drops when you are re-living your youth in a sports car….. it is the ride.. the wind, the hair in the mouth…  

Oh yeah… a couple of silly grins.

The big guys are big war movie fans, so, they watched whatever was on the agenda while we tried to shop.  A couple of our favourite little shops have gone out of business… very sad, they had some wonderful goodies, fabulous funny cards and great ‘stuff’, really great stuff.

I managed to find some covers for my new patio furniture, so, the weekend shopping was not a total bust.  All the furniture is now under cover from the rain and the night dew.

...coffee time in shiny shoes...

...coffee time in shiny shoes...

Sunday morning on the deck, drinking coffee and toasting the world.  There is Mack between us pulling on Geri’s lulu lemons… Mack has great lineage, his father is the Canadian Grand Champion. 

Gracie, the two year old puppy was away learning her manners.  Next time we will meet Gracie. 

 I did learn something new – Airedale  ‘chatter’.”  Airedales tend to chomp their teeth and mouth, it is called the “Airedale chatter” from which they must be trained not to do.  Apparently it looks like they are biting which can frighten some people.  Really, they are just trying to talk to us.

We met up with “long-time” family friends on Sunday- Steve and Audrey.  We caught up on all the news and had a great many laughs over lunch. 

Visiting Mama ~

Yes, I did visit mama before we left.  There are now thirteen slips to go with the thirteen dresses in the closet.   I moved a few things around in the dresser, so organized, only an idot can miss the slips.  Oh, was I sarcastic.  Pardon me.  Frustration is talking and spilled out” all over the blog. It has been a “hard to watch” few weeks.  Mama is retreating into herself.  She is angry she is still alive, depressed she cannot see and wants to “be left alone.” When Bruce visited on Tuesday, mom told him to go away.  They did get to visit even with the rocky start.  One must persevere when visiting.  One must talk gently and carry on the conversation until she joins in.  Mom will eventually join in, it just takes time.  I believe she is choosing to isolate herself more and more and rather than go to the few things she can participate in, she tells the aides to leave her alone.  Very sad to watch.  I will take the new stereo to her tomorrow.  Hopefully the new cds will brighten her day.

... bouquet of garden flowers...
… bouquet of garden flowers…


Instead of a sunset, a bouquet of fresh garden flowers from Geri’s garden.  A few lilies, roses, gladiolas, some grass, a white flower and the lake. 

What is that white flower at the back, Geri? 


Enjoy your evening… stay warm, and loved. 

The days are getting shorter as we are moving through the seasons of life and time.


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  1. I love the smiling picture of you!

  2. Hi Carol,
    The white flower in the back is phlox. I don’t remember planting it last year but there it is.

    Gracie is home again and better behaved. She doesn’t jump on people at the door anymore and is much easier on the leash. Wayne at Dogzies is a terrific trainer.

    It is in the high 30’s again and too hot to have morning coffee on the deck.

    Love Geri

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