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After much research, diligent looking, almost purchasing a set last year, I have found the perfect, well, in my mind, the perfect garden or outdoor furniture.  Yes, I know it is late in the season, but, you know when you find just the right piece/pieces, you must buy.  You know you all hate saying, “I should have bought…” right.

... cozy outdoor living room ...

... cozy outdoor living room ...

The new outdoor / garden living room on the balcony.  AH….. I love it, the family loves it, the big guy loves it… the neighbours love it, and the cat loves it.  (Yes, I still have Bev’s cat, I am taking my time finding a new home for her, she may end up living with us for a long time. Did I say that….)      I purchased a few items in anticipation of the outdoor room.  An all weather carpet, candle holders, outside draperies…. Next year, it will be fabulous with cushions, draperies, more candles, more flowers, maybe another wall plaque… so many wonderful things to buy.  I have little white rabbits off in the corner between the chairs.. you probably cannot see them.  Just a little whimsy.

... fabric for cushions ...

... fabric for cushions ...

Lizzie, this photo is for you.  I bought fabric for cushions to brighten and lighten up from the black and brown of the furniture.  The striped fabric is a drapery panel for your viewing pleasure.  I also have white drapery panels to create a more elegant look.  You know “casual” and “elegant” how ever my mood strikes me.  I love the plain green with the two patterned fabrics – the big green flowers and the white lilies on the blue.   Can you see the carpet?  Lots of green and pale blue.  It is getting my creative sewing juices going.

A Sunday afternoon is a great time to laze around in an outdoor room.  I fell asleep listening to the birds and the soft conversations of my neighbours.  No screaming or crying children, no lawn mowers, no incessant crowing, no honking geese flying over head… just the warm sun and a soft throw to keep me warm.  Ah… I am blessed.


Mama’s Visitors~

 Mama ~ Colleen and Lorna visited Wednesday. Short visits, and a long 2 hours visit, feeding mom her dinner, hanging up all the clean clothes and placing the CDs in plain view for the care workers to see.  The new portable player has great sound – Shirley’s Sony cassette/CD player.  Music filled the room as I curled mama’s hair and fed her dinner.  We had some laughs.  Mom had a couple pieces of chocolate, for dessert.  I parked in the staff parking as there were no visitor spots available .. now you know, I finally got caught.  A $39.95 parking ticket, $60.00 if I do not pay in within 7 days.  It has been an expensive parking month $40.00 monthly plus the parking ticket.  ARGHHH.  Won’t be doing that again.  Saturday, I brought a “tall, no whip, mocha” for mom. Yup – gone in 2 minutes.  Left mom with music playing, hopefully, fingers crossed, the care workers will just hit play.  You all know I marked the player with “off” “CD” “Radio” marks.  I know…. well, just trying to make it so easy for them.. they can’t miss.    Oh.. yah, they can.  

How many people really love their job as a care worker?  It is the little things like pressing “play” on a CD player for a blind old woman in a wheelchair, rather than letting her sit all alone in a quiet room for 2 hours before lunch.  Music adds so much to our spirits and blocks out the noise from the rest of the wing.

Now.. off to work, after all it is Monday morning and the bills have to be paid.  Another beautiful day on the coast land, a cold front is suppose to bring showers late tonight, enjoy you day. 

... view from the outdoor sofa ...

... view from the outdoor sofa ...


No sunset today.  It is morning on this coastland. 

Lazing on the sofa, I can count sheep or clouds…

See no crows on the top branches.  Peace, delicious peace, and soft breezes, off to dream land….


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  1. Love it Love it Love it! I want to come have a nap on that couch :)
    Naps are not a part of my life at this stage though….but Jamie and I should come out and have an evening with you on your nice patio.
    So nice to have you show up at my special reading/red wine place last night…that chair has brought me some sanity after crazy days with 3 kids! And my rule is no self help books to be read there…ha!

    • fromthecoastland said:

      Lizzie ~ I knew you would love it. Great place to have a nap! Yes, I would love for you and Jamie to come have an evening with me in my garden room. I will get a heater and viola we shall have heat. Every mama should have a special reading/red wine spot to unwind at the end of the day. Very good rule – no self help books, go straight to novels for a night away from craziness of raising children. The time will go so quickly and they will be all grown up before we know it. Enjoy the books and the quiet!!

      Love you.

  2. Hi Carol, would so lovve to join you on your new outdoor setting. Lotos of chatting and lots of laughs. Maybe one day soon. Keep the kettle hot!

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