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The back garden has been a mess this year.  All the great ideas, the plans, the veggie garden did not come to pass.  Oh, well, there is always next year.  There may not have been a great veggie or flower garden, but, there were weeds.  Great masses of the dreaded ‘morning glory’ weed with the white trumpet shaped flower.  The thing just about ate up the smaller rhodo bush. It did eat up the astible plants as well as the lilies before the gardeners came to the rescue.  Ah, the gardeners to the rescue.  Thankfully BC Teen Challenge in Yarrow, BC can send out a gardening team to your house or my house to aid in the maintenance of a ‘coast land garden’ if you do not want or have the time to do it.  We are all so very busy with living, working, reading, and playing.  If your garden is your passion you may not want someone else weeding, planting, etc…. but, if you are like me, busy and putting off the weeding, I have the gardeners for you.  

Here they are… terrific guys from the Chilliwack Men’s Centre of the BC Teen Challenge Centre, helping men overcome addictions.  Cameron Egge, the Vocational Coordinator helped set it up for me.  I gave  a generous donation and fed them lunch.  They worked so very hard getting the “insidious weed” out of the garden.   James & Jamie, one a graduate and the other graduates next month.  The best part…. I did not have to get down on my “bum” knee (torn meniscus) to rid the garden of weeds!      THANKS, GUYS!

Website – www.bcteenchallenge.com or call Cameron at   1.888.575.3930  

Teen Challenge Guys

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