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… PNE – the 99th year …


We have yet to win the house or a car, let alone a boat, motorcycle…. all for the price of 15 tickets for $50.00  …. 

Next year will be the 100th year of the Pacific National Exhibition on this coastland.  So… I am expecting the house will be pretty spectacular, celebrating the 100th year and all.  I wanted to win the house this year as it is going to Kelowna.  It would have made a great retirement home, a vacation home, or just plain investment home after one year.  If you win you must keep it for one year.  My favourite winner was a family from Hope who had been renting and had just been laid off or something like that.  I love to see worthy people win. 

I digress..we have our little rituals….  First we must buy our tickets to “win a house, win a car.”  We go through the house and then buy our food, head to the beer garden for the big guy to have a beer with his lunch while I fill out the tickets.  Once we are sated, we head to the barns to see the animals and big Peter the Great, an ox weighing almost 2 tons.  Sadly Peter passed  into the big pasture in the sky.  He was a hugh white ox with big horns.  Poor guy.  He has been replaced with …. ta da…

... new guys at the PNE ...

... new guys at the PNE ...



So far they have passed the test, they are quiet, not restless, like the attention, I guess.. they just eat & chew, tip over the feed bin and like the PNE animal workers.  I am guessing they will be  back next year.

Poor Peter the Great … a moment for Peter.  Bow your heads now.


Outside the barns there is always a something new,  this year was a sculpture made out of grasses, herbs, and you know that purple stuff…. can’t remember the name of it.  It will come to me.

... a horse but not ...

... a horse but not ...


A carousel horse from organic materials…

Steve & Aleha overhead a little girl …

“Mom, it is sort of a horse.. but not”

Someone had a great creative idea. All the time and work to make this, truly amazing.   Pretty too.


The parade for the kiddies was sad– not ‘boo hoo’ sad, but, sad as in they should not have done it.  All the blow up characters and bad music.   It was just sad!   We saw the Doodle Bop concert with Caden and Kayla, Sabrina and Chris’s wee ones.  Doddle Bop is on every morning, who knew?  We did not go to the Super Dogs this year.  Just not the same anymore.

So… off we wander all around the fair, watching the people, running into people we have not seen for a while, and just generally having a relaxing day at the fair.  Oh yes, of course, eating mini donuts.  SO very good, hot out of the fryer and dipped in cinnamon & sugar.

PNE Minidonuts

Many, many people have tried to duplicate these little donuts and many have NOT suceeded.  These are the “original” mini donuts.

The big guy bought 2 bags and shared with all.  Apparently over 2,250,000+  mini donuts were made and consumed this year. 


Two weeks of cotton candy fun.  Puts your teeth on edge!  Next year.. “and the winner of the house is ……” hopefully, ME! OR the Big Guy. OR someone who is really in need of a home.

It is good to have dreams!

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