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… gourmet jelly beans …

Mom’s Saturday visit, gourmet jelly beans and a gorgeous sunset ~

It is very hot on this coastland today.  A great weekend without rain and as we all know the rains will come.  I arrived at the extended care home just after dinner tonight, as I have been very busy with tomorrow’s banner parade.   More about that another day.  Mom had just finished her evening meal.  She does not eat all that is provided for her.  Did not look very appetizing either.  Bland and blander.  Is that a word?  Oh, well, it is in my world today.

Wheeling Mom into her room, she very  brightly said, “I had a visitor today!”  “Oh, who came to visit you, Mom? I asked.  “Larry!” And a wonderful visit it was, as she promptly told me all about it.  I noticed Larry brought mom “gourmet jelly beans” in twenty four flavours.  “Mom, he brought you jelly beans.”  “Yes,” she said, “let’s eat them all!”  So.. we shared a few flavours.   Thanks, Larry, you made your grandmother very happy.  As she said, “He is a very good grandson, he comes to visit all the time.”  So let me add – Larry, you are a very good man, a man of great character and love.  Grandma Mac agrees with me.  You are a gentleman.

Our visits will start with a few flavours of gourmet jelly beans as we did not eat them all in one sitting.  Today’s visit was excellent.  Mom was very bright, started the conversation many times, was on track with all her thoughts even though she had difficulty finding the right word.  We discussed premature babies, the lack of oxygen causing harm to babies, our ages and how much older we are all getting, why we need to have a lot of money if we all take after mom and live to be over 90, and music.  I am very glad to report the staff is pushing the play button for the cd player.  Mom is not left in total silence all day.  Thank you to the staff.   Mom’s hair looked great too, if I don’t say so myself, as I pat myself on the back.  I will have to book an appointment for a haircut soon, which will take about 2 hours of my time.   Maybe in a week or two.  So… thank you again Larry for visiting mama. 


... Port Orchard sunset, aug 27 ...
… Port Orchard sunset, aug 27 …

August 27 – Port Orchard, WA

Jesse came for a walk with me and together we enjoyed a magnificent sunset of gold rays dancing on the water. 

Stay safe, warm and loved where ever you are.  Thanks for enjoying the sunset with us.

Sweet dreams.

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