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 Music ~ a day without music is a day without food.  We must have music in our lives, don’t you agree?  Yesterday… one of my very big dreams came true.  See ~

... my baby grand piano ...

... my baby grand piano ...

Finally, I have a piano again.  Sadly, I need to take lessons as it is not like “riding a bike” if one has not played for many years.  Thankfully, my neighbour who sold me her “baby” threw in 10 free lessons too.  Oh happy day.  Reading music again, could be just troublesome.  It has been a very long time.

I have had this corner picked out for my “baby.”   On the wall behind the piano, I have a series of Sid Dickens tiles.  Some music, some writing themes and a few beautiful coloured tiles.  I love Sid Dickens tiles.  I have his work all over my home.  I buy them for gifts so others can appreciate his work and collect them too.  I digress… back to the piano and my dream of a baby grand.  Here I am, now, the reality of my dream to play music again and soothe my tattered (not that tattered, just needs soothing) soul.  Afterall, we all have a bit of “stuff” that needs calming on bad days. 

Music, art,  chocolate, wee babes smiling, delicous food, family and very special friends just make a day go by with joy.  Enjoy your day today, I hope your dreams come true too.

... Sid Dickens tiles ...

... Sid Dickens tiles ...

Hmmm, I wonder what has become of the tiles  in the Hotel Georgia restaurant?  There was a huge display.  Now that the hotel is undergoing a major renovation….. what has happened to them?  Will they be used again,  were they sold, or lost in the process?  I guess we will find out in 2010. 

Let a little music minister to your spirit today.  


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  1. You got the piano !!!!!!! Congratulations , I know you are going to enjoy having it so much !

    I had not seen those tiles before, and I like them !


  2. Carol Anne – how beautiful. Yes, your dream come true. So get tickling those ivories!! Maybe one day, if I get my fingers over the keys again we can do a duet…………..a good friend/love duet.

    • fromthecoastland said:

      Hey Jilly-Bean
      Yes, we could play a lovely duet, chop-sticks, scales…. I can play one entire piece of music now. My fingers are back on the keys and my eyes are reading the notes. Love, love, love it. Big sigh.

    • fromthecoastland said:

      I love your collection. Many of the same tiles hang on my walls. One of my favourite gifts to give as a wedding present. One of my favourite gifts to receive – Sid Dickens tiles.

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