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Today … a mama update for family and friends…

Have not  posted any visits to Mom lately, discouraging or perhaps a better word ….  heartbreaking.  Mama is now being fed by care workers or by me.  I try to get there at least 4 times a week for meal time.   I have visited around 6 pm a few times and she is already in bed.  I know that ‘ticks’ her off.  She asks me what time it is and then snorts because it is so early.  We all know what that means.  “Put the poor dears to bed early.”  Putting the residents to bed early means one or two less night staff is required?  Or in the bed, lights out, no need to provide “extended” care to those unable to see, move or articulate?  Or….?  a rant is bubbling up…. oh, it is spilling over…. oh, I restrained myself, lucky you!

Anyway… Mom is still very cognizant.  We have had some great conversations lately.  She is enjoying the new cd’s, often the music is playing when I arrive.  I always make sure we have music while I am feeding mom.  We have a few laughs in-between bites.  It is just very, very sad, a grown daughter feeding her mother lunch or dinner.  Just as sad… a grown son to feed a mother or father.   I have a greater appreciation for our cousins who nursed Aunt Vera for a few years.  Well done, Cousins.

And the slip issue…. a clean slip under a clean dress .. every day.  Thank you!

Last of the Summer Roses

 …  the last rose blossom of the summer.  Fall or Autumn is truly here, very cool at night and cold in the morning.  Will have to turn on the furnace to take the chill off.

Thank goodness for the gas fireplace … it is so cozy with a glass of red wine and good movie.  Stay warm and loved where ever you are in this world.


A little post script ~  “Mom, do you want a piece of chocolate before I go? ” says I, one late night visit.  “Yes, I was waiting for it!”  And there you have it… chocolate must be eaten at the end of every visit.  Mom’s sweet tooth will always remain.  Family – you know it is hidden in the blue tam in the bottom drawer… so no-one can steal it!!         Ah…. Mom, where did that strong woman go?


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  1. Carol,

    As painful as it was to lose Mom unexpectedly and so quickly. I am greatful she did go that way. She was such a free spirit and it would have been intolerable for her to be living like Aunt Helen is nowand she was quickly approaching the same life style.

    Any way you look at it this part of life is very sad.


    • fromthecoastland said:

      Geri ~ I agree! I miss Aunt Dot too. My second Mama. I am glad she went very quickly too. It is painful to watch mother just sit in a wheelchair all day with very little contact other than staff. I try to spent meal times with her. Sometimes I just sit and hold her hand and we say very little. This part of life sucks!

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