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Question: does the long-term care staff listen to mother?    A: NO.

A dear friend from California came for a visit last week.  Off we went to visit mama.  Upon entering the room, mama was telling the care aide there was a problem – no slip.  (What? Again?! Yes.)  Mother was trying to get the aide’s attention that she had neglected to put a slip on under the dress.  Mama was plucking at her dress, getting very distressed while the aide ignored her.

As you all know, daughter to the rescue and none too soon, much like the avenging angel prepared for battle.  Before you all get your knickers in a twist – I was polite, but very firm as to where the slips are (in the second drawer of the dresser), and a slip must be put on under mom’s dress.

“Mom, it’s okay. I am here and I can put it on for you” all the while pinning the aide with a withering look of disdain and trying to put the fear of God into her for not listening to mom.  Mother may be almost blind, but, she can hear, can speak, and can get very frustrated at the uncaring attitude demonstrated towards her.   Upon showing the ‘twit’ (oh, that is unkind… too bad, so sad),  where the slips are and the importance of maintaining a sense of dignity for the elderly.  I hope she will remember to put the damn thing on mother.  I know, I am a bit terse today.  Seriously, how hard is it to put a slip on a 93-year-old woman?!  If one puts the undershirt on, the logical line in thinking is that a slip will take the same amount of time.  It is just a little bit longer and covers up the legs.  Mom gets so frustrated when she is ignored.  Wouldn’t you?  Image yourself…blind, confined to a wheelchair and ignored.  Not very nice is it!

I believe I will have to write a letter to the administration regarding the attitude of the aides.  The point is…not every person in long-term care has dementia or alzheimers.  If one does not have enough verbal stimulation and conversation…the old “use it or lose it” adage comes to fruition. 

Mom was all settled by the time her hair was curled, the fruit and cheese snack and the tall no whip mocha was gone .  The music was softly playing and all was well by the time Pam and I left. 

Now if only, if only we could get the aides to stop for a wee moment and think about the patient’s well-being, both physically and mentally.  NOT all patients are off in la-la land never to return.

...one of my favourite places...
…one of my favourite places…


Oh-to be in Italy, anywhere in Italy, well…there are a few wonderful places I would rather be when I have to deal with incompetance.

Venice ~ A favourite place to people watch, drink great coffee, and hold hands.  Ah…..


Enjoy your day, wherever you may be, hopefully away from the inept.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Our visit to your dear mom was so nice – my heart breaks for her – and for you. No matter how much you do for her, she is still under the 24/7 care of others…….and that is so difficult. I think you should label each drawer “SLIPS” as well, and put one in each drawer. You are an amazing woman to be able to juggle so much, for your family, extended family, business, your mom’s care, and still be working on writing too.
    Don’t forget to “feed” the wonderful woman within.
    If I lived there, I would visit your mom frequently. It is such a simple thing to do, and to enliven her day, even for just a bit would be so worthwhile. I used to visit some older friends in a care facility until they passed. It was just the RIGHT thing to do. Stay warm, indian summer here, just got the woodstove going. Hugs to you, Pam

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