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…alive and grateful…

Life intrudes on writing …

I know, very lax in writing lately…just a lot on the plate and I really want to get everything caught up before the Christmas season.  (Shhh… I am almost done shopping!) 

Yesterday, a very busy day with Mama.  We went to the eye specialist to have her eye pressure tested – glaucoma.  The eye doctor is very pleased as her eye pressure is low and that is excellent.  Glaucoma is a very insidious eye disease which steals your eye sight.  It is hereditary.  So… if someone in your family has it, you may have the gene which could trigger blindness.  Get your eyes checked!  Very, Very IMPORTANT.

One of my writer friends, Susan Wiggs had a gratitude project last year – 30 days of gratitude.  It was so inspiring and I met another dear writer friend through Susan’s project.  So… all you who are grateful to be alive and have many things to be grateful for…post on Susan’s gratitude project.  I promise you, you will be inspired and may just find a new friend.

Come on…I dare you, send Susan a grateful post.  I dare YOU!  Instructions for posting:

Send a gratitude message in an e-mail to post@gratitudeproject.posterous.com    Your post will appear without an attribution (which means your name) unless you want to sign your first name or initials or your location in this crazy world.  

To read all the posts go to ~ www.gratitudeproject.posterous.com      

You will find funny, sad, colourful, heart-warming, delicious, sappy, inspiring, cool, musical, wonderful comments of gratitude. 

... say goodnight, sun ...

Stay warm.

 Stay safe. 

 Stay loved. 

Stay thankful!


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  1. Love you!

    • fromthecoastland said:

      Hi Lizzie
      Love you too. It was great to see all the family on Sunday, little Sophie and the boys. Daniel was great too. He has grown in his leadership. Will see you all soon.


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