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Fall weather is the …… all the rain and wind.  The wet streets, the wet hair, the wet feet and the wet snarky people driving like maniacs!  I am very thankful for the sun on this coastland today.  The north shore mountains are very beautiful with their snow caps.  The “Lions” are majestic as always.  The ski runs are pristine.  All the kiddies will be rushing to the local mountains for opening day this weekend.  Silver Star has been open for a while.  Blackcomb and Whistler are opening this weekend.   The winter games will be full of excitement with all the shushing and racing down the black diamond runs.  I will not be there…too many people and the traffic will be a nightmare.  (Shudders) I will be watching it from afar as I am “getting out of Dodge.” 

And the cheap gas… Point Roberts was selling gas for .799 US$ or .85 Can$.  A very nice savings of .23 cents per litre = almost a $1.00 per gallon more or less when converting to imperial from metric measure.    It was worth the time out of a busy day. 

... wet on a surf beach, north shore of Oahu...

Geri’s photo of boogie boarders on the north shore of Oahu.   A much better way to get wet.  Stay dry today!  The rains return tomorrow.

Enjoy your day in the sunshine on this coastland!

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