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…Mom was not feeling well…

Mom/Granma spent a day or two in bed.  She was not feeling well, thus stayed in bed.  I fed her lunch while she was in bed.  The staff had not had her bed repaired.  The bed goes up and down fine, it is the head and foot raising/tilting  which was out of whack.  So…imagine this-mom had to be pulled into a sitting position with the overhead harness to keep her in the upright position in order to be fed.  Then…she had to sit upright in the harness for another half hour or more for the food to digest.  A fun time was had by all.  As of this past friday, the bed had been repaired…finally, after two or three weeks. 

I like to visit at different times of the day.  It is my way to check up on the care.  Friday evening, I arrived at 6:00 pm with a nice tall, no whip, peppermint mocha latte as a ‘end of the week’ treat.  Sadly the staff had mother all tucked up in bed and the lights out.  Now…I ask you…I think the sooner the staff have all the patient residents in bed with the lights out, the less staff is required for the night shift.  All tucked in their beds with the night time medications zonking them out for the night.  No problem.  So…not many visitors for mother.  Family I am speaking to you!   Family, do you care?  Family are you even reading this blog occasionally to see how mother is doing??  Hello? Anyone in the family out there?

Mama … probably 12 years ago, visiting Sharon,  before life’s aging difficulties ravaged her body. 

Family, I suppose you want to remember mom/granma like this rather than in the wheelchair in a long term facility.  I do too, but, the reality is almost blind and sitting in a wheelchair, every day and most without family and conversation.

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