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There should be a coupon for extra time…

Don’t you agree?!  Too bad life is not a board game with “extra time” cards or “stop the world, I want to get off for a while” or “no phone calls today” …so many things to do, so little time.

Where did the past year go?  Do you feel like that?  This past weekend we had a birthday, a hockey game, and a concert thrown into the mix.  Dakoda turned 13, he is now a teenager.  A big milestone in a young man’s life.  The Canucks played on Saturday night, a winning game.  Unfortunately, we missed the first 5 goals as there were accidents all over the coast land.  The weather was absolutely miserable, dark, wet, cold, rain, rain, and more rain, and very crazy people who think they can speed along as if it was a clear, sunny day.  The fools!  Oh, well,  we saw the remaining second and third periods.  We had fabulous seats, just on the left side of the opposing team’s goal.  It has been years since I saw an NHL hockey game up close and personal.  So long ago… 

We started a new Christmas tradition last year.  We see Stuart McLean, the Vinyl Cafe Christmas show.  Sunday evening’s concert was absolutely wonderful.  The stories were full of laughter, delight, touching, and, of course, groans…Dave and Morely tales.  Stuart showcases Canadian musical talent.  This year-Jill Barber and Matt Anderson.  WOW! 

Go see Stuart McLean when he comes to your Canadian town or city.  It is worth every penny!  

Going to see Mama tomorrow.  Will update later.   Ta, Ta,  people, stay warm tonight. 



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  1. How true !

    I would be first in line for some of those “extra time” coupons.

    At least my internet is back working !

    Hugs to you and your mom today my friend,


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