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Christmas carols, Christmas songs, Christmas cookies, and Santa

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with mama at the annual Christmas tea party.  Sadly, not as many relatives and friends attended this year.   I realised more residents had passed as several more familiar faces were missing.   I arrived early to snag a parking spot.  Thankfully, one was waiting  just for me.  Thank you! 

Coiffed by moi, we were ready for the party.  It is always interesting to watch people interact with each other, especially when physical and mental challenges are so prevalent.  A lovely woman’s daughter, grand-daughter, and great-grand-daughter came for tea.  The presence of the baby girl brought smiles and clapping hands from residents who are usually very quiet.  The little one with chubby cheeks brought a spark of life into very sad and tired eyes.

Mom enjoyed the cookies and  a good cup of coffee.   Institutional coffee-the reason I bring a  good tall latte or no whip mocha.  I shudder just thinking of the swill.  So … back to the party.  Santa and his elf  brought presents and cheer.    Mom said to me that one of the workers is named Noel.  Noel was Santa.  Really, his name is Noel.  He is a great, able to get mom to cheer up and smile.  A good day for mom.

Sunday, wait for it…the family is coming to celebrate mom’s 94th birthday.  Mom said, “How old will I be again?”  “94, mom.”  She is so surprized she is still here.  Well, at least, she did not ask me why she has not died yet…life’s mystery.  As the boys state, “sheer willpower.”

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