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…a birthday or two…

Today is your birthday…

A couple of birthdays today…the big guy and uncle John.  So, doesn’t  everyone have an “Uncle John?”    Uncle John is up there in the eighties and the big guy…he will never tell.  So a very happy birthday to the big guy and to Uncle John. 

I am actually going to cook something great tonight and on Sunday, for a family dinner.  (Two times in one week, what am I thinking?)   I think beef bourguignon.  A great meal on a cold wintery day.  We can cozy up to the fire, have a glass or two and celebrate life.  

A few cousins are coming to celebrate mama’s birthday on Sunday.  I am very pleased.  As you know, it is difficult not to get snarky at people for not visiting mama.  (Maybe, if I am really nice, Santa will bring me the south sea earrings in Birks.  What!  I can be nice!)

Stay warm, stay safe and most of all, stay loved!


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  1. Happy Birthday to “The Big Guy” and “Uncle John”. Many more to both of them.

    We are not as cold as it was….. – 19.3′ F to the USA readers, would have to figure it out for C.

    Dinner sounds great, enjoy both dinners and a Happy Birthday to your Mama. Lots of party time ! Keep warm and well fed !


  2. Happy Birthday Carol’s Mama!

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