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Apparently there are rules… 

Who knew!  There are rules or it is implied, there are rules as to when the decorations should be up.  And, apparently, we must have a tree.  I had the temerity to suggest, we not put up a tree this year, upon which, a great cry was heard on the coastland.  So … off we went to the tree farm to cut down our own tree, which, was a great adventure with one of our little people friends.  Kaden helped us, almost 3 years old and very discerning in choosing the perfect tree.    

The poor tree is in the stand and not one decoration upon it’s green needles.  So sad, not a light, not a bauble, not a trinket, not a star, not an angel, nor a bell, nor a shiny ball in sight.  You see there are rules, if you have a tree, especially one cut down with your very own hands, you must decorate and in a timely manner.  There are RULES.   I need a “time coupon” to decorate.  Tomorrow is the 24th, so much to do.  The bird to buy, the stuff to make, the presents to wrap and the stockings to be hung.  The candlelight service!   Much to do. Some friends have had their decorations up since November 30th?!  So… apparently, I have broken the rules.  So… think of me decorating like a mad woman tomorrow, well, just a little bit of craziness before the family day on Friday.  Enjoy your holidays with family and friends, think of those who are shut in, shut out, lost and homeless.  Again, we made a donation to Covenant House to assist in getting young people off the cold streets.  The food bank and the Salvation Army kettles were filled each time we went past.  Uncertain times for many who are not as blessed as we are.   

 I will have breakfast with mom on Christmas morning, as she does not come home.  For her dessert, yes, there is dessert for breakfast…a few pieces of chocolate.  The highlight of her day. 


There is a wonderful tradition  in Germany, everywhere, people gather in the town squares celebrating the season. 
 In Munich we saw blocks of little “huts” filled with food, toys, decorations, and the most amazing handcrafts.  My favourites were the hand carved nativity sets and the Nutcracker.  I bought two and worth every eruo.



 Enjoy your Christmas Day on Friday. 

Spent it with those you love, think of and help  feed those in hunger, hug the lonely, and think of all your blessings, big or small,  for the bed, the roof, and the food, for there are those with less.

Be blessed.  May your dreams for the future come true. 

 Be safe, be warm, and be loved.

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