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…the 25th, was it good for you?

I hope so!   For many, the expectations are low, thus, no disappointments.  I am assuming it is a form of self-protection.    We do not have any kiddies running around, only the adult kiddies.   We have fun.  Dan, the nephew, arrived just in time for dinner.  He had a stop over in Vancouver before flying to Thailand.  His very first trip to another continent.  Yeah, Dan.  You will have such a wonderful time.  The wonders of the world, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the traditions, the cultures, and the people, all waiting to be discovered.  He will come back to Canada with tales to tell.   When he returns, we will visit Mama.  Mama had quiet day on the 25th, I curled her hair and we ate chocolates.  How good is that – chocolate.  The dark stuff with nuts.  All the time.

So…back to the day, when your kiddies are married, you must share, which is good.  It is all good.  Present time was just after noon.  The stocking is the best part.  Don’t you agree?   (Especially if you have a really good Santa, who loves to find wonderful things.) 

Silly Santa gave us all “Instakilt” beach towels, for our big vacation next year.

Geoff - instakilt

  How funny are these towels?  That Santa, where does she find this stuff?




Steve - HBC scarf & kilt


The other Canadian lad in his kilt and Hudson Bay scarf wound around his neck.

Can’t get any more Canadian than this.  The scarf is based on the famous Hudson Bay Company blanket.  Very Canadian.  Very historical!    Santa, baby, what are you going to find for 2010? 

After a great dinner with the best stuffing ever, we rested our tums for a bit.  It was story time, I read  from Steve’s book – I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski.  I read the interviews with the actors.   A very funny book.   Not for those who can’t take irreverent humour or f-bombs or the Coen Brothers movies.   

Many books were under the tree, again.  A good book can transport you to a wonderful world, away from all the troubles of this old one.  Read a great book.  You will feel better.   Santa put some serious “pulp” fiction in my stocking .  All  mysteries.   The titles are No Nice Girl,  Pardon My Body and I’ll Bury My Dead.   The covers are just wild – very 50’s.  The tag lines are…”a tough expose of the American underworld,” ” hard, tough, and dangerous,”  and “she was nice in many ways…”   Seriously, a good read or a cheesy read.  We’ve all been there.

And, now for the single malt…which one is blue label…

To end the evening… we did not sing carols. The family does not sing together!  We had a scotch tasting.  12 Bottles, 12 sips, 12 guesses, well… it did progress to a little more than 12 sips each.   Single Malt, and a few blended brands and one from Quebec with a touch of maple syrup.  How Canadian!  Actually it was quite tasty.  It was all in fun to see if the Big Guy could pick out the Blue Label.  He did.  Of course, true scotch drinkers can taste the difference.     Lagavulin 16 years, the Glens – livet, morangie, fiddichs, Blue Label, Caol Ila, Aberlour 10, Ardbeg, JB, Chivas 18,  Tyrconnell, the Irish whiskey and Balvenie 12.   I could not find the Ardbeg – the wee beast.  Sold out everywhere.  No Jameson, they know that one.   Good “peaty” single malts are the favourites, the Blue Label and Glenfiddich Solera.  The girls and I like the bottle from Quebec.  We are Canadians, the maple leaf, maple syrup, and hockey.  We girlies do not drink scotch, we just watch and have a good laugh with the guys.

Scotch is such an acquired taste.  The peaty stuff just doesn’t do it for me.   The discussion then turned to which one would be best with cigars.  Thankfully, no cigars.  Such a party poop.  Save that for the outside summer tasting.  When word gets out we had another tasting, well, let’s just say…this was for family, you can come for the summer taste and bring your own glass and scotch.  

Caveat – in case you were wondering and for those who think we are drinking way too much.  Not so.  We are very responsible drinkers, when and if we drink.  For a couple of you, we are not going straight to hell, we just had a fun night. 

I hope life throws only good stuff your way next year.   I am looking forward to a “no injuries” and I do not want any more “well,  you are getting older, you are going to get aches.”   Enough.  Just enjoy life and have many, many laughs.  Laugh lines are good, it means you are happy.


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  1. I want to see pictures of your christmas :)

  2. fromthecoastland said:

    Hey Lizzie, that is pretty much it this year. The camera was left at the office. Santa gave me money. I am going to buy my own SLR camera. It will stay with me. Next year. How sweet was your Christmas with the wee ones? Chaos? Who cooked the turkey?

  3. I posted that comment before you had put any pictures..I am happy with some :)
    Looks so nice!
    Our christmas was so great…relaxing…
    Some days spent in our jammies..so needed for all 5 of us
    Sarah cooked which was very yummy. Everything Anna opened, she would say it was what she’s always wanted :)
    Now the cleanup today…trying to let Sophie learn to crawl without pine needles in her mouth!
    Dan and I are having fondue on new years….love doing that with him
    Oh and I love the new towels…now which hot destination can you all use them in????

  4. Lizzie – the little ones, I remember those years. So much fun and so much mess, and worth it all. Have a wonderful New Years just the two of you. We are going for dinner, a movie and then back to Lou & Larry’s for some bubbly and ring in the year. We are leaving their house at 12:02. The bed will be calling. Have fun, sweetie!

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