Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

…hopes, dreams, plans…

so very glad 2009 is over…

I find it quite unbelievable how fast the years go by.  Has time sped up?  Or… am I just thinking too much about age and the effects of aging?   Usually, age is just a number, but this past year brought reality front and center.  In February, I tripped over the vacuum, tearing the meniscus in the left knee, in August, a rotator cuff injury while weight training, a car accident in September, thankfully, no injuries, and faced a few truths.  Sunday, we celebrated 35 years of marriage and I would do it again, with just a  few minor changes.  We won the lottery with our boys and our daughters in law.  Now, for the hopes, dreams and plans.

Hoping for a healthy year.  Dreaming new dreams and planning to see them come true.   Oh, yeah, and getting rid of the stuff.  I suppose I should pretend I am downsizing and moving onto water front property and it all has to be done in a TIMELY manner.  Yes, that will work.  

Hoping politicians will actually work together. Oh, I forgot, pride, money, and party politics get in the way.

Hoping the crazies will stop.

Dreaming calm & common sense prevail. 

Dreaming of renewed strength.

Planning for a safe and happy year.

To begin 2010, a beautiful Australian sunrise.   I hope, your hopes, dreams and plans come true.

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