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…another birthday…

..today is your birthday…

You know when you hear those songs, the syrupy songs about the years going by, the sounds of little feet, the opening and closing doors referring to time zipping by…it is true.  Time does have a way of speeding past once you pass a certain moment on your lifeline.  

...somewhere in Europe...

Today, our son, you know the one, the family calls the athlete, has a birthday today.   He has athletic talents, sure, played high level sports, but, he is so much more than that.  The first-born is outgoing, center of the action, the learned one, the teacher, traveler, husband to his beautiful wife.  He is kind, caring and loving.  Oh, yeah, funny, a wry wit, loves food and cooks.  He got the cooking gene.  Knows the important food groups and the accompanying beverage.  A thirst for knowledge.  Up for a challenge.  Tells great tales at a party.  He is so witty.  Right, and, did I mention, handsome.  Time really has flown by.  Cheers, much love, happiness, joy and contentment to you.

What sounds better-12053 days or…33?  How are the knees?


Very good company, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Stephen Hawking, Emily Greene Balch, all born on this day, not bad, two musicians, a nobel peace prize winner, and a theoretical physicist. 

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