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…road trip, sort of…

Mom escaped the boredom of long term care facility…

Saturday, Dan, the nephew and I took mama to the White Spot restaurant in the mall, for a little pie and coffee.  Mom has not been outside for a while.  She is quite fearful of going out.  I think the prospect of pie and coffee with a healthy dose of fresh air helped, besides having one of her favourite grandsons push her chair.  It is always a shock to mama when she gets outside.  The constant 70 degree temperature does not prepare her for the cold of winter or the heat of summer. 

Dan and I had mushroom burgers for lunch, mama had lemon meringue pie and an excellent cup of coffee.  There was a huge line up to get in.  We pretty much by-passed the whole lot as there was only one table for a wheelchair, which, we snagged right away, as the people had just finished their lunch.  Yeah.  So good when you’re hungry.

The mall, always busy on a Saturday, full of noise, colours and very crowded.  It is always interesting to see the reactions of people to the elderly or handicapped person in a crowd.  Those taught to respect elders, step aside and wait for you to pass.  Those who do not or are too involved in their own personal journey tend to dismiss the concept of manners.  Oh well, one day. 

On Sunday, Dan spend a few minutes with his grandmother before I took him to the airport.  I put on mama’ s favourite book on tape – The Careful Man by Frederick Forsythe.   I was back with five minutes to spare before the end of side one.  Mama said she had a wonderful weekend.   It took just a little bit of time to make mama happy. 

Try to stay dry on the very wet coastland. The rains have descended upon us for the week.  It is just gray, gray, gray and wet.

Buy some fresh flowers.  Curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate or tea or a nice glass of wine.

Stay warm and dry.


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  1. Was it the white spot in oakridge? I lost Martha, my cabbage patch kid there when I was little.
    I spy a really good Susan Wiggs book in your book pile.

    • fromthecoastland said:

      Lizzie ~ no, just across the street. Oakridge involves a special taxi ride to and from Minoru. Just to get Mom out is a huge accomplishment. She is very nervous, and yet, she does like to get out. So… what to do,short of forcing her out the door, which is not in the plans, I defer to her wishes. She knows what she wants and does not want – chocolate and dessert. The sweet tooth is alive and well. Love you.

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