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..a special friend…

…another birthday…

A wonderful woman arrived in my life about 18 ago.  A very dear friend to me and our family, Jill,  or as I very affectionately call her “Jilly Bean.”  She is a wonder!  A very creative woman.  Jilly has a way with fabric, knits beautiful soft sweaters and other things, all works of art. 

We have walked around the seawall discussing life, loves, trials, and triumphs,  the best of times.  We stopped at the Sequoia for very long lunches or a snack.  (Once upon a time, it was the Tea House.)  Now we have to plan a day months in advance as we are both busy. 

Jilly works with women struggling with addictions.  She is loved and respected by many who know her.  The women at the center are blessed to have her on their side.  Strength in the face of adversity, Jilly Bean is a friend to lean on and to laugh with.  We have shared our deepest secrets, cried with sorrow, laughed with joy, smiled in awe at the birth of her grandbabies, beautiful grandbabies, and she gives me the best cards. 

Jilly, my sister-friend  ~ 

Cheers on your birthday today.    It is only a number. I’m right behind you, well, I’ll catch up, soon. 



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  1. Where are you Carol? I am needing something new to read :)

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