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I’m back…

Getting out of “Dodge” holiday

I am back, so to speak, from the north shore of Oahu.  We are on a “getting out of Dodge City” holiday, as the world is coming to the coastland for the winter games.  I know there are some who believe every Vancouverite must the flag, park our vehicles, take the bus, and welcome the world with open arms.  Well, we could, but, there are many road closures, UBC will be closed, the school Steve teaches at will be closed, so…we thought let’s get away, we have not had a “rest & relax” holiday for many years.  We used some points, made the reservations and here we are in beautiful Hawaii.  I do wish you were here.

Silence on my end, usually means I am working, dealing with life and making sure Mom is well taken of.  Many details checked, re-checked, pet taken care of, the house sitter, the email to family to VISIT Grandma and pack.  I tried very hard to pare down to one suitcase, one computer, work, and books I really want to read as well as the creative writing class homework and the on-line writing class to attend.  Yes, I am on holiday, a working, reading, writing holiday on the beach.  I am happy to say, I did make the one suitcase.  Yeah, me!  It was hard, but, I did it.  The on-board carry-on was another matter.  Thankfully the rules have changed, allowing those flying into America to have one carry-on other than a purse, a camera bag, or a diaper bag.  Going home, I can take two carry-ons.  

I bought some things for my Freedom Session Ladies,  two pairs of shoes, a…  What!  You knew I would.  I am a woman, buying shoes is in the blood, especially my bloodline.  Actually, I bought my first pair of Ecco sandals with the full arch support, my “feets” were hurting.  I guess I have now crossed the official line in the sand, more comfortable shoes in lieu of fashion.  (Shudder!)  “Say it isn’t so.”   I can hear you.  I know.   There are “comfortable” shoes and there are “Carol” shoes which are comfortable.  I did try on a pair of Valentino sandals.  I could not justify the purchase.  The “practical me” won the day.

The surf is very high today.  NO beach.  The waves are coming up to the path to the house.  The power of the surf is something to behold.  It sounds like jets taking off, the constant roar of the ocean.  The turquoise blue waves crashing down and the foam surging up and back down the beach.   The power and sound of a tsunami must be terrifying.   It is a three flag day with yellow caution tape around trees leading to the surfing beaches.  

Yesterday, we watched a beautiful woman surf the Pipeline.  Stunning.  Graceful.  Poetry in motion.  And, lest the men feel left out… some stunning male bodies too.  I have also seen enough butt cracks to last me a lifetime.  Guys, I know you like to wear low riding board shorts, but, seriously,  some of you shouldn’t!!

Sunday, the rest of the family arrive and Dan, our other son, arrives on Monday.  Our neighbour’s son – Dan.  We girls shouldn’t have to cook very much. Dan is a great cook, Steve, the chef/beermeister/teacher has many meals planned.  Geoff – master steak chef… the Big Guy making sure everyone is happy, so the girls and I should be just fine.  Ah… a holiday.   Truly, I wish you were here.  

Mama is fine too, all the preparations were made, tall, no whip mocha for a treat, clean laundry and visitors.  She shouldn’t miss me too much.  Geoff says, she is doing fine.  Louise, our best friend/neighbour will be taking over on Sunday.  Maybe I should go away more often… maybe.  Nah. 


Sunset from the deck.  Enjoy.

Wish you were here!

Hope your day was great, stay loved, warm and safe.

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