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Reading a new book …

I started a new book from the stash I brought.  Beth Powning’s THE HATBOX LETTERS.  Wonderful writing.  Like touching beautiful fabric.  It is a joy to read.  Already pulled into the story.  Each author has a certain cadence in their writing.  The choice of words.  Beth used the word-irresolute.  There is something about that word, used in context, like a beat or chord in my ear. Fredricke Forsythe used the word in THE CAREFUL MAN.  Irresolute – undecided, indecisive in direction.  A word not often used in conversation.  Another author with a distinct cadence in his writing.  Just the use of a choice word is music.  A little quirk of mine. 

With the advent of ebooks and ebook readers, we are losing the sensory experience of reading a book.  Choosing a book because it has a fabulous cover.  Turning the book over to read the back.  Maybe a new book by one of your favourite authors.  You would buy it, regardless of the cover or the price.  You trust the author to give you a great read.  As Geoff said, “The smell, the sound, and reading the first few pages will be lost.”  So very true.   Book lovers love a good book.  We always have a good book in the pocket or purse or in the glove box, just in case there is time to steal away into the story.  Short stories, postcard stories, huge novels, we love them all.  I am so glad Mother was a reader.  Is it in the genes?  To be a reader or is it taught or is it both?  Steve teaches English and Film.  He said it is like pulling some kids through mud to appreciate a great story. 

When I get back, I will read THE HATBOX LETTERS to Mama.  I think she will appreciate it.  Mother’s sense of recall is still acute  Perhaps, I will get a few more family stories.  Mother wanted to write.  I have boxes of her journals in storage.  Mom started the journals to record her days.  Was she concerned about her memory, the on set of dementia?  I think so.  I should read them.  The unknown is what will I find?  Will I find a daily account of her life or will I find the deep secrets and longings of my mother’s heart?

How many have had secret dreams or not so secret dreams to write?  Mom wanted to write for as long as I can remember.  I have wanted to write since I was little.  Other family members have and some flat out say it would be too hard.  So who is right?  Can a dream still come true after 50? 60? 70? At what age, does the dream die and disappointment set in?  I am taking an on-line course, called Discovery, discovering the story before you write the opening sentence.  It is taught by Lani Diane Rich, StoryWonk.  Susan Wiggs, author and friend, taught a one day course on mapping a story last year.   Both shared nuggets of knowledge and wisdom.  One thing we should never do is give up on our dreams.  Some dreams are on hold, some dreams need a good jolt of coffee and some need determination that today is the day.

A trip into Honolulu, later today.  Big Guy’s sandal broke on the beach last night.  Off to get him a pair of Ecco sandals.  We are blessed to have a family holiday away from life.  It is not often we get to have such an extended vacation.  For those in the snow storms and blizzard, I am so sorry.  I am thinking about you.  This too will pass.

From the deck

This is the view from the deck.  The waves were not as fierce as the past few days.  Mother nature is not be mocked.  The power of the ocean waves in a storm is to be respected. 

Enjoy your day, stay warm, loved and cosy down under the covers with a good book.


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