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…one year today…

One year of blogging…

Today is a significant date of sorts.  Little did I know I would be spending my blogging anniversary in Oahu.  A very nice surprize.  A long overdue holiday away from “things.”  Unfortunately, life does go on with some major items still not complete on the home front. 

One thing about an extended vacation, you are not able to just fly home, tend to “things” and fly back to the holiday house.

Life-keeps rolling along through deadlines, time lines, fault lines, laugh lines and yes, even, “dread lines.”  It is time for a change, to get back on track, to become a “better” me.  Sometimes you need to drop out for a bit, re-group, recoup and recover.  Aging scars!  Isn’t that the truth.

The adult “kiddies” arrived today.  They should be driving up any moment.  Everyone is here!  YEAH!! Let the holidays, part II begin.

crashing waves

A “three” flag day today.  Each day, the life guards or beach patrol guys plant flags in the sand.  Today, the waves are a bit high.  This is my view from the deck. 

Hope you are warm, safe, healthy and loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Cheers!


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  1. Hi Carol,
    We seem to be missing each other on Skype. Your pictures of Oahu look very familiar. Is the beach back? Have you been to Jamesons and Haleiwa Joe’s yet. Another great place is the old sugar mill about 10 minutes beyond Haleiwa. They show you how coffee is grown and processed. There shave ice is made with natural fruit and does not contain food coloring.

    My tan is washing off and the pounding surf is a dim memory. Are you still getting the haze from the volcano on the big Island? Don’t turn on the air conditioner in the kitchen. A big green geko lives in there.

    The road going up the mountain beside Foodland will take you up to a state park where the ruins are. from there you can look down on Waimea bay.

    Wish I was back there.

    to date Gracie and Mack have eaten several socks, Chewed my runners, destroyed two portable phones and two sofa cushions. Oh yes they’ve also destroyed the three pairs of reading glasses Ken was accusing me of losing.

    Thankfully they are starting to grow up. Gracie just turned two and Mack just turned nine months old.

    How does Herb like his Hawaii helmet?


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