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Unbelievable, but true…

You know I am not the hiking through nature, climbing over boulders, up hill and down the dale kind of girl or woman for that matter.  I like my shoe shopping afternoons, my fabrics, music and all things creative.  My idea of appreciating nature is sitting by the ocean, watching the waves, walking in a snow, especially when it is snowing, and observing all the wonders.  Hiking…not so much.  So, how did I end up hiking.  Long story. 

So…there we all were hiking a trail towards a waterfall.  Our kiddies love hiking up or down to a waterfall.  Easy start, the dappled sunlight on the path, the song birds, the babbling water, the path strewn with roots, the bigger roots, the big twisted roots ready to trip you, the rocks, the bigger rocks, the big bloody boulders, the mucky pathway, the slippery rocks, the wet slippery rocks, the muck, the graveyard of flip-flops from very unwise hikers, the chatty Cathies on the trail, the inane conversations, the vertical climb, step by step up and then down, traversing our way to the waterfall and the pool.  Well….we made it to the waterfall.  Disappointing.  Not the high waterfall cascading into a crystal pool.  Still, nature and with my family.  It was a waterfall and there was a pool.  All this and a couple of silly women in bikinis jumping into the pool.  Off, we trekked back up the path, over the bloody big boulders and muck, back to drier land, getting hotter than a pistol at a firing range, and keeping calm, knowing that we were almost done.  Hallelujah.  I almost made it, only to go over on my left ankle.  The sound of crunching, the pain, and laying down wondering if my holiday would end with a trip to the emergency room and a cast.  Thankfully no.  As I lay there waiting for the pain to get worse or better, Steve checking what hurt and what did not, I was able to stand on it and walk back out to the road, through the water instead of balancing on the wet rocks.  The cool water felt good on the ankle.  So here I am typing away to tell you the story of my hike, my left foot raised, a couple of drugs to take the swelling down and watching the Olympics.  

We just watched the gold winning run of Maelle on the snowboard.  Fabulous.  Two gold medals.  Way to go Canada!

Geri – I see you sent me a long comment.  We are definitely not turning on the air conditioner.  We can live without the big green gecko.  It is a dark and stormy night.  It will be a three flag day tomorrow.  Today was a one flag day.  I called it early this morning, while lying in bed listening to the waves.  You know I have been here a while when I can hear the waves and know how high they are just by the sound.  I wish you were here.  We will have to do a cousin trip, just you and me one day.  I say we go to Ottawa together and do some research.   As for the puppies…glad they are growing and the reading glasses, well….. what can I say.  

Signing off from the north shore of Oahu with the sun streaming through the clouds.  Photo was taken on my second day here.

Cheers, stay warm, stay safe and stay loved.


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  1. Oh Carol !

    So many things…..the beach photo – I WISH MY CAMERA AND I WERE THERE TOO ! So gorgeous !!!!!! I am so glad you are there to enjoy it ! Oh no, your ankle !!! My toe is better, but still unsure of what it is really up to. At least you have a “real” excuse to view the land from a beach chair ! With book in hand no doubt :)
    Miss you !


  2. Okay Carol,

    What a girl won’t do to sit on the deck with a margarita in hand. Make Herb
    deliver it to you too.

    Was this a Waimea park? I hope it doesn’t keep you sofa bound for too long.

    Take care Carol



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