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…for those who stepped up to the plate while I was gone…

Yes, big cheers to the family members who took the time to visit mama while I was away on holidays.  A very big thank you to our neighbour, Louise.  Our dear friend and neighbour visited mom, did the laundry, curled mama’s hair, and listened to music while chatting about life.   Much love to Geoff & Nicole for visiting, with a tall, no whip mocha and doing your grandmother’s laundry.  Big brother and sister, nieces and nephews and mama’s great grandsons – love you.  I bless you and thank you for taking the time.  Mom was very happy to see me last week.  Of course, you know, my first question would be about visitors.  Mom was very delighted to have you all visit, especially the great-grandsons.  There is just something about grandchildren or great-grandchildren coming for a visit to make her day.  Of course, the turkish delight helped too, food and drink, always appreciated.   Bless you with many blessings and I hope your dreams come true. 

The last sunset, the last night.

I caught the sun slipping away for the day.  The sun goes down so quickly.

Blink and you may miss it. 

I hope you are safe, warm, and loved in your part of this old world.  My heart goes out to those still struggling for food, water, shelter and safety after such devastating earthquakes.  This coastland is on the “ring of fire” earthquake zone. Every earthquake, large or small, warns us to be ready.

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