Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

…a bad sprain, ice, heat, keep your weight off, and you will live…

Diagnosis from the doctor, well, I knew that, but, ‘IF’ there was something lurking…..  I have an air cast or ankle stirrup splint to help support the still painful ankle.  I will live, so said the x-ray tech.  The big guy and I had a spare seat between us on the flight home.  Thank you God!  I was able to put my foot up for the ride home.  With the extra seat, we could stretch out, flip the arm rests up, the middle table top down and read to our heart’s content as we flew back to the coastland.  I read one of Jennifer Crusie’s re-released novels.  Oh, what a writer.

Slight drizzle, cool breeze and our own bed, don’t you just love getting home to your own bed!  Love it.  Here we are back on the coastland and expecting cold weather with the possiblity of snow at the higher elevations tomorrow.  Brrrr.   Our lovely warm holiday seems so far away now.  Does this happen to you – the responsibility backpack lifts off the shoulders as the plane takes off, then it takes a day or two to leave it by the door before you totally relax.  Of course, it starts to creep back on a few days before you leave.  All the stuff you left undone starts to intrude into your dreams and all of it in the backpack, secure on the shoulders once again.   Oh well, back in the salt mine.

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