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no cavities…

Long day at the dentist with mama…

No cavities.  Isn’t that what you want to hear when you go to the dentist?  I do!

Thursday was another adventure taking mother to the dentist.   Mother’s health is somewhat stable at the moment, which means I can concentrate on preventive care.  January was a visit to the ophthalmologist.  This month is dental care.  As always, it was an ordeal getting the special transport coordinated.  I hope one day this will go smoothly.  Not holding my breath on this one.  Every time I book the transport, we end up waiting for an hour and more to get back to the residence.  I had the foresight to pick up a few fortune cookies to snack on with our coffee after the dental appointment.  Mom’s “fortune” was to expect a miracle in the near future.  Mom’s idea of a miracle is to see and walk again.  Now, that would be a miracle.   I am to look forward to a dream coming to fruition.  Hmm. Hope so.

The dentist was very impressed with mom, all her own teeth and no cavities.  You have to know mom, she was expecting a good report, nothing less would do.  Can you imagine trying to coordinate a wheelchair bound elderly woman to a dentist for a filling?  I shudder to think, who, where and how this could be accomplished.  Thankfully mom has always flossed and brushed her teeth after every meal and before bedtime.  Preventive care.  Way to go, Mom.  

 Geri, thank you for the photo of our mothers together.  Eight years ago.   Time needs to slow down now.  Aunt Dot, always  full of life and strong.   Mom would have been 86.  Two months later, her health headed south, picking up speed along the way.  It was a wonderful day, just the four of us. 



Glaucoma is an insidious disease.  Family, this means you may or may not get it.  It is hereditary, coming down the french  bloodline.   You must get a base line for the future.  Preventive health care. 

Okay, enough nagging.  

 The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  The mountains have a fresh dusting of snow.  The sun was shining for a moment or two this morning.  Hope you are warm, safe and loved where ever you live.

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