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My new category is all about life.  Life intrudes on the things you really want to do, like read a book, garden, go for a walk, spend a more time with mom, practise piano, and write.  Yesterday was the last class for the creative writing course at UBC.  We did have a great time.  Only one new addition to the class, the rest, we are all repeaters.  I can see such growth in everyone’s writing.  We are getting better at critiques, editing, and the craft of writing.  I’m amazed at the talent in the room.   Now what…more classes, definitely, more writing, definitely, and we will see what happens. 

Mama is doing well.  Now, that I am back, visitors have faded back into their daily life.  Easter means visits.  Right.  Flowers would be good to brighten up the room, Right.  Last week, mom’s curling iron was awol.  We did find it.  Someone else had ‘borrowed’ it.  It did not come back in perfect condition.  Somewhere in the residence is a little old lady with burnt hair.  Poor dear.  

I know, so titillating and exciting isn’t it, now, back to our regular programming.  Carry on.   Hope your life is a bit more exciting.

Stay warm, safe and loved where ever you live.

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