Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

…writing the scenes…

…three acts with how many scenes…

Last summer I took an advanced creative writing course for young adult novels.   Never thought of going in that direction and was very surprised to have an idea for one pop into my head.  I believe it was lurking in the recesses, waiting for me.  I wrote the opening chapter, read it to the class and the publisher for critique.  It was well received.  I tweaked it a bit before giving it to a different class in February.  Again, it was quite well received.   Now comes the hard part, finishing it.  I find I am waking up with new scenes playing in my head.  I can see the action, hear the dialogue and feel the emotions.  Get to work, girl.  After the writing, comes the revision.  More revision. And more revision.    I have a plan.  Work in the morning, that pays the bills.  Play in the afternoon with the scenes and dialogue. 

If you have an idea for a story and a burning desire to write it, here is a course you may want to look at.  It’s called DISCOVERY.  I took it, loved it, and learned how to map out the story before writing the story.  The creative process before the writing process.  Lani Diane Rich offers the course on STORYWONK.   Check it out – http://www.storywonk.com/?page_id=45    Lani teaches how to create a soundtrack, develop character place cards, create a collage, a visual picture, develop your setting, and the backstory for your characters.  Do you have a story lurking around, just waiting  for you to write it down?  Go on now.  Click on the link.  I know you have a story in there.   Come on, just click on the link.  You know you want to.

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