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…onto the next book…

I finished The Hatbox Letters by Beth Powning last weekend.   The language is pure poetry.   Kate mourning her husband’s sudden death, receives several hat boxes filled with letters, receipts, journals, and photographs from her father’s family home in Connecticut.   This is a book to take your time reading, to set it aside and meditate on the words, on the stories unfolding.  The Hatbox Letters is layered with emotions, filled with rich imagery, a journey through grief.  Beth Powning weaves the story of her grandparents history with Kate’s walk towards the future without her husband.  I did take my time reading this book.  I had to process the emotions I was reading with the emotions I was feeling.   The past few years watching mother’s declines, plateaus and more declines with my inability to make it better, to stop the process of aging, has taken a toll on me.  It is grieving for mother before her death.   Perhaps my own mortality is smacking me in the face, the aging, the physical deterioration, the hopes and dreams not yet fulfilled.  Take the time to read The Hatbox Letters.    

I started reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie the other day.  Many have already read the book.  I read what and when I want to read, not because someone has it on their book list or book club list, my little rebellion against the voices.  Set in London in 1946, a writer corresponds with a man and his friends from Guersney.   Again, I am loving the voice and the language. 

Hope you are enjoying your day.  The sun is shining on the coastland today.  No more winter coats and scarves, put all the boots away, and out comes the colour.  Stay warm, loved and safe in your little part of the world.

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