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…very surprised by the powers-that-be…

My afternoon visit to mama turned into a hallelujah moment.  I was very surprised.  The head nurse asked me if I would like to have a meeting with them to address some of my concerns.  YEAH!  It is a no brain-er.  So…there you go.  On Monday, we will set up a meeting with the social worker, the head nurse, the nutritionist, me and dare I hope for the physiotherapist.   Hallelujah.  Dancing feet.  Joy bubbling up inside.  Joy is loud.  I guess I must believe in powers-that-be actually caring.  Well, there are some very caring workers actually, look me in the eye and offer information they feel is important to me.   

Mom was sitting in the light today.  Her room faces the courtyard.  During the spring, summer and early fall, there is lots of light.  I curled mom’s hair, phoned Lorna and while they talked, I had a little catnap.  Mama sounded good, laughed, asked questions and there is no sign of dementia.  She is just a little slow in getting the words out, as there is not a lot of conversation going on.  I opened the window, letting the fresh air in. 

“The window is open.”  Mom said, as the fresh breeze blew in, shutting the door.  “Yes, Mom, just getting the stale air out.”    Mom said in her usual commanding voice, “You must shut it before you go!”  “Yes, Mom.”

A good visit for mama.  Ahem, family, anyone else going to visit this weekend?  No.  You are so going to regret it when mama goes home.    I am feeling worse for the wear today.  The tear in the shoulder and the ankle are pains in the butt.

.. Venice at dusk ...

A repeat photo.  One of my very favourite places, The Hotel Gritti in Venice.

The Big Guy and I had a lovely evening, a little wine, a little dessert and the gondoliers singing.   A favourite night.  A favourite holiday.  I hope we get to go back one day.  Ah, Italy.   It is a great place to sit at an outdoor cafe and watch the people. 

Stay warm, stay safe, stay loved and stay healthy.   Cheers.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Oh Carol – let us know how this meeting goes please !

    Hugs to you from far away Janesville


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