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…the dying art of letter writing…

I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society, an novel by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.  Oh, I loved it. I took my time reading and thinking about the story.   Every word, savoured, like a delicious wine, or if you prefer, a sumptuous meal.  The premise of telling a story just through letters to friends is brilliant.  As you read each letter, you are drawn into the story of Juliet and her friends, old and new, historical in nature, yet full of promise.  A work of fiction, populated with characters you want to write a letter to and receive one in return.  A lovely book to read, poignant, wretched, and full of grace.  Little ones often say, “then what happened” when they hear a good story.  I wanted to know who was going to write the next letter and what treachery or delight would be shared.  Set in 1946, post war England, Juliet discovers what happened on the Island of Guernsey during the occupation.   You are drawn into lives of people worthy to be called friends.  Love this book…

Of course, now I want to get letters in the post, don’t you?  Not just a phone call or an email, but, a lovely newsy letter, written on creamy stationary, with all the flourish of beautiful handwriting.    I loved getting letters, especially as a child, from my aunt Betty or my sister on my father’s side or a birthday card from my gran.  My gran, not a nice woman, what you do not know as a child.  I think she only sent them as a “duty” cards until my father died.   Poof.  No more, we had fallen off the face of the earth and not acknowledged until I wrote her asking for a Barbie doll.  Stingy old thing, sent me a two dollar bill and a round “face” pillow  for my bed.  I wanted a Barbie doll not a cushion, that is why I send her explicit instructions from the catalogue with the item and page number.  I digress.

 “Don’t you want to receive a newsy letter,  rich in details, stories from a dear friend?”  It is a dying art. 

I must remember to take Esther’s letter to mom.  She loves a good letter.  Of course, that makes me think of ways to poke you in the eye, have you written to your mother/granmother.    Perhaps a letter or a card to brighten her day.  Just because.   No… I will keep rowing the boat on this one.  Don’t worry, family.  I’ve got it covered.  Okay, no pokes in the eye.   

I found the little notebook last month.  On the front it states, “Keep Calm and Carry On” from a British war poster.  The poster was to reassure the people that they would be “defended at all costs,” rather appropriate words for the people on the channel islands.  The poster was never officially issued according to the tag.  A company called Wild & Wolf Limited in Bath, England had the excellent idea to issue it on notebooks, cups, water bottles and whatever ketchy thing they can think of.  I just like the words – Keep Calm and Carry On.  Isn’t that what most of us do?  Well, there are some who have not gotten that concept yet. 

It’s life isn’t it.  You carry on or you get left behind in the crowd unless you are a drama major or queen, and, then, its all about you. 

Pam, a bouquet for lilacs, just for you, my friend.

Stay warm, stay loved and safe.  Carry on.

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