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…so, there I was in the line up for the border, the 49th parallel, to pick up my audio books…I work with a book, the news or music playing, don’t you?

The border officer asked me the purpose of my visit, the usual important questions and, then, she asked me what were the names of the books on cd.  Well, the fifty-ish brain went blank.   Ever so quickly, I said, “The books are by Jennifer Crusie.”   A big smile broke out on her face.  Another fan. 

Q: “Older books or new book?”       A:  “One older and one newer.”

Q: “She wrote a few books with another guy, right?”      A: “Bob Mayer”

Q: “Yes, did you like them?  I didn’t like the first one, so I have not read the second  one or the new one.”        A: “Loved them.  You need to read Agnes and The Hitman.   I have not read the last one.”

Comment from the officer before she waved me thorough the line – “Love her books, she is hilarious!” 

I blatantly push favourite authors everywhere-Costco, book stores, border line ups, airports…

Waiting to get back across the 49th, I discovered I purchased an ABRIDGED book.  WHY? WHY? WHY? Why do they do that?  I want the full meal deal, the complete thing, the first to the last and all the bits in between.   I checked the order, yep, right there in big bold letters “ABRIDGED.”   I think I must have been blind that day or I just wanted the book for the audio library, you know, for when I am working.  Oh well, back to work with the abridged version of  Tell Me Lies.  I want  UNABRIDGED books!   And, yes, I declared how much I spent, $37.45. 

On the bright side, the sun is shining on the coastland.  

Mama wanted turkish delight last night.  So…family, you can pick up a box at Purdy’s before you visit, on Mother’s Day, please.   Trying very hard not to be snarky here.   When on holidays, I bought Mom a box of real turkish delight in Kusadasi, Turkey.  She loved every bite.  Me, too.

The Big Guy and I were having lunch in Kusadasi, when we spied this wee fishing boat towed behind a small fishing boat.  We were sitting right by the water and they weren’t out very far.  The boats were really small. 

The Mediterranean is so beautiful.   

Lucky people who live by the water!

Stay warm, stay safe, stay loved, where ever you are.

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