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…the 6th annual Steveston seafood and wine festival…

I admit it.  I can hear a conversation five tables over and keep track, well sort of.  Last night, no tables, just walking around with a wine glass and a little plate for the food, while I listened to snippets of conversations.  Some  great lines, others not so great.  The best little one line snippet.  A woman, strawberry blond,well-dressed, fit, and  three guys, forty-ish, slightly graying, and fit, standing in a circle near the oyster bar.   “I’m not into relationships, I am into companionship.” he said.   It was hard not to burst out laughing.   Yeah, right, I thought, who are you kidding.  I looked back at the little group for reactions .   Smirks.  Lots of smirks.  Me, dying to laugh out loud.  The Big Guy knew I had heard something. His response to the comment was, “well, maybe he just wants to cuddle.”  Right.  He just wants to play the field.  That was his line  for “I’m just not that into you.” 

The Big Guy, Geoff, the beautiful Nicole and I tasted delicious food and sampled wine.   There were over 100 different wines.  The food, amazing  little amuse bouche or tapas or single appetizers.  The serious foodies.  The serious wine tasters.  Some very serious personal networking.  And then, there were the rest of us.  We just wanted a fun night out.  

 Loved to watch the serious looking for a hook up to companionship or is it for a relationship.  We decided the greater display of cleavage, the greater the eye strain.  Really, I’m not looking at your breasts.  I’m looking at you.  Did you want a relationship or companionship?  The three guys, circled and looked and circled around again.  Thank you, we are not out there looking.  Shudder.  

The Big Guy discovered a few wines he wants.  We need to go on a winery tour again.  Wineries are popping up everywhere and in the most unexpected places.  Road trip coming, this summer.   The best white wine description – “it’s apple juice for adults.”  See, no wine snobbery there.  It was a very good chardonnay.  I rarely drink, really, I don’t, would rather listen to the conversations. 

I admit it.  I loved it.  There were many stories in the city last night.  Some great fodder for writing exercises.  I wonder if the guy found companionship?

We watched Steve play in the finals for the adult soccer (football)  league championships.  1-0, the team advances to the Provincials in a few weeks.  We, the proud parents love to watch our long, loose limbed son play.  As one of the eldest on the team, the poor guy is feeling  beat up this week with two games, several training practises and teaching teenagers all day.   My best memory was  watching little kids ask him for his autograph in Mexico.   Pure hero worship.

I checked out his tatties today.  He has a great tattoo of the Vancouver skyline.  Think I will do a tatoo blog. 

Hope you all had a fine day in the sunshine.  Pam, my friend, glad you all had a safe trip.

Visiting Mom tomorrow, taking some turkish delight and maybe a White Spot hamburger.   Stay safe, warm and loved.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Hi Carol :)

    Sounds like a fun time had by all……..I am still tired today after all the travel but will go help with some homeless birds later on today. My friend’s neighbor is going into a care facility and his daughter asked for help. Apparently there are some verrrrrryyyyyyy old pheasants and doves. A couple of goats she is going to take home. Thankfully nothing too wild (or so we are hoping)

    Tell your mom hello from me, and enjoy that White Spot food ! I loved visiting your part of the world :) and meeting your mom made me smile. Tell Herb hello too !!

    Enjoy the day !


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