Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

…life is full of business and busy-ness and the mundane and the need to do…

A very busy weekend in Victoria with a few of my favourite people.   I spent the day with my Texas friends, a day of retreat and reflection.  I so needed that, now, carry on, it’s what I do.

The busy-ness of life just keeps going round and round.  The Big Guy asked when we were going to move to Victoria while I was eating  chicken marsala.  Almost did not hear him, I was having a moment with the food.    Ah…I don’t think we will anytime soon.  Perhaps, later, cannot do it until Mama goes home and it will take forever to clear out thirty four years of stuff and such.  The daily grind can be wearing on a body.  Does  he wants to retire?  Oh, oh, love him, but, 24 hours a day, right there in the house, every day.  Don’t think so.  Better do a health check on all things daily life.  Seasons in life do not always slid smoothly into the next.  The last time I looked it was still spring, May, not the month of retirement, noooo…..  Perhaps, it is time to work on the inventions.

Mama’s Day ~

Mom often asks what day it is, sometimes off a day or two, but, she is usually on target.   Sunday, Mother’s Day, family visits with mama, bearing gifts and the biggest cupcakes ever.  Good, too.  The usual gifts…music Cd’s, flowers, cards and food.  What else is there in life at 94?    I arrived during the afternoon lull at the residence, quiet little family groups sharing the day together.  It is always a good day when I can get a parking space.  Yes!  

A very good day for Mama.  Perhaps a bit too much stimulation or noise, the new CD playing, two sisters, a daughter and the RN all talking at once.  Poor Mama, just shut her eyes and listened.  I asked Mom if she wanted me to go (after the noisy ones left) as she was looking tired.  “NO, I love it” she said rather indignantly.  

A meeting with the powers-that-be ~

On Monday, I had a meeting with the powers-that-be or the mostly powers-that-be.  A new director has started.  There are to be some changes.   The result of the meeting; a volunteer to visit two days a week and the staff are to leave the stereo tuned to CBC in the morning and Cd’s in the afternoon.   I was a perfect daughter/advocate, caring and a force to be heard.  So…we shall see, shan’t we.   

Upon arriving home, I spied the first rose of the season, just for me, on Mother’s Day.  Ah…   Stay warm.  Stay safe.  Stay loved.

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