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…another celebration…

The place – Canadian Memorial United Church.  The city – Vancouver.  The moment – the marriage of our first-born son to the beautiful Aleha.  The year – 1999.   They are very happily married.  Together they completed two bachelor degrees, one master degree, two-three month trips to Europe, including Italy both times, why, yes, we all love Italy, one World Cup U20 in Malaysia, countless camping trips on which mama never goes, countless family dinners, several really great family vacations, and the best Christmases ever.   There, all true. 

It was a very beautiful wedding in a church, build to commemorate the end of WWI.  The stain glass windows and the pipe organ, very traditional setting.  .  The rich words resonated.  The joy was palpable.  Steve wrote a poem, which was read at the end of the ceremony.   A wonderful day.

.. joy & laughter ..

It is amazing to see ones first-born become a strong, compassionate, funny, man find the love of his life.  They are so great together.  We are very blessed to have such caring young sons find beautiful, strong women.  Thank you, God.

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