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…now what…

…test a new setting…

Okay, just testing a new setting.  Being that I am a visual learner and like to touch things, the texture and all thing, this is a test.  If it works…great, if it doesn’t, well…back to the drawing board, I will think about it later, after my massage appointment.  I have the best massage therapist, ever.  I have had quite a few.  Venis is the best.  Ever.

Today I am in need of flowers.  Perhaps, you are too.  Enjoy your day. End of test.


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  1. If I were there, we could go to flower shops. We only have one in town, plus what the supermarkets sell. That would be different for me……..I could BUY some lilacs, since mine are shot and didn’t get to bloom thanks to the stupid freezing and snow. Ugh.

    Love the tulip photo, we all need flowers !

    Hugs to you,


  2. Hey Pam, the lilacs are fast disappearing up here. Mary’s son butchered her lilac tree. So sad. Only a few blooms. I am going to buy two lilac bushes for the garden. I noticed there are still a few with blooms on when I drove past the nursery. Cheers, to you, hope to see you up here again. Love to you, C.

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