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PSA…finding a cure… 

Sunday, the big guy and I walked the grounds of Royal Rhodes University, a 3 km walk, a fundraiser to raise funds for cystic fibrosis.  Perhaps, you are like I am, not paying much attention to a disease until it hits close to home.  Carriers of the disease usually do not know they have the gene until the birth of their child.  Our friends, Pat and Marilyn’s first grandchild, Ellis, was born with the disease.  Unknown to all, both parents are carriers of the gene.  Fortunately Australia is a country which tests newborns for CF.  My next question was…does British Columbia test for CF and if not why not?  Cystic fibrosis is a fatal disease.  The only cure is new lungs.  A spare set is not lying around in a shoe box, taken out if required. 


Thick mucus builds up in the lungs causing severe respiratory issues.  In other words, breathing is extremely difficult.  There is no cure.  Fluid builds up in the body causing pain.  There is no cure.  A baby does not thrive.  There is no cure.  Bowel disturbances occur.  There is no cure.  Repeated or prolonged bouts of pneumonia.  There is no cure.  Constant coughing.  There is no cure.  Constant inhalation treatments, puffers, PEP treatment, and nasal sprays.  There is no cure.  More meds and vitamins.  There is no cure.  Chest physiotherapy.  There is no cure.  

Just breathe. 

Struggling to catch a breath is horrifying.  CF is insidious, like so many diseases, a cure must be found, one more reason for us to give of ourselves, financially and physically. Walking in the beauty of the west coast, was very soothing, healing in a sense.  It was also the first real test to the ankle, without the supporting air cast.  No swelling, no pain, all good after 6 km, up and down the trails.  Well, sore, but I can live with sore.  I cannot live without breathing.  You can’t either. 

At the end of the walk, hot dogs and hamburgers were available for a donation of any amount.  Another donation, you bet.  Is it paying it forward?  Perhaps.  We’ve  been blessed with jobs, a safe place to live, healthy and happy sons and daughter-in-laws, therefore, give back.  If you can financially support a charity or give of your time, to canvas or volunteer, to help build a house, or feed the hungry, do it.  Hmm, sounding preachy, maybe.  Getting brownie points in life, no.  It just makes you feel good.  And thankful.  

With thankful hearts, we hope a cure can be found for CF and cancer and glaucoma and asthma and MS and retinoblastoma and ALS… 

British Columbia does or does not test for CF in newborns?  Yes, beginning November 2009, the test is part of the testing given to newborns.  1 in 25 Canadians is a carrier of the disease.  If both parents have the gene, one in four will have CF.  The big guy said we will have our sons and daughter-in-laws tested before they begin having families.  Then what?  What if?  Well, we carry on, don’t we.   And that is your public service announcement for today. 

...peonies blooming...

The peonies in the garden are blooming. 

Full.  Beautiful.

 The scent is divine. 

Stay warm.  

Stay safe. 

Stay loved where ever you are in this world.

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