Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

…the tidy thief…

…always a crap shoot…

A very tidy thief was in the neighbourhood last Thursday night.  Eight or nine cars broken into, including mine.  It is always a bit of a shock to realize someone has been through your personal things.  At first I thought the big guy had been looking for something in the console before he left for work.  I am a bit quick-tempered when I am on a deadline so when I thought the big guy left a mess for me to put back, well, the temper began to rise.  Until…I noticed the glove box was open.  Ah…not the big guy, a tidy thief, who left everything on the seats, including cds, a clean pair of socks, and all the pertinent paperwork.   Smashed and trashed? No. Good.   I no longer have any parking change.   I now keep the ashtray empty and the lid open.  Clean.  Tidy.  Nothing of value. 

Thankfully, a tidy thief struck the neighbourhood.  It is always a crap shoot isn’t it.   Trashed, stereo ripped out, cds gone or everything in tact, left on the seats.   A tidy thief just looking for spare change.  Stay safe.  Stay warm.  Stay loved.

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