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…dinners, parties and dancing…

It has been a week of eating, drinking, and dancing, with a marching band thrown in for good measure. 

Sunday is my day of rest.   “No kidding,” said the body.  The Big Guy had an extra evening of libation and eating over at the neighbours.  The guys meet every month or so to watch a game or just have burgers and beer.   The big boys must have needed a night out.   They killed a couple of bottles of scotch.  And then, he told me a joke, never missing a beat or the punchline.  I was not amused at the joke. 

If you are in the Vancouver area, go to Mae Nam on 4th Avenue. 

We had dinner with Steve and Aleha on Wednesday evening.  The restaurant has the most flavorful Thai food.  It was so good.   Go!  You will love it.  A great dinner out.  I adore my kiddies.  It is the end of the school year and Steve will be so happy when the last pencil is put down.  He teaches Film 11/12 as well as English.  The class produces films to be shown at the end of each semester, I think. 

So…now where were we?  Oh yes… Thursday surprise birthday party with a marching band…

Thursday, Willow celebrated her 40th birthday.  She is one of my favourites.  I have many favourties!  Chad, her beloved, surprised her with a big celebration with all her favourite people.  He is the music teacher at MEI, the maestro of the marching band, the jazz band, oh, many…plus the music director for a few productions.  I digress…we had so much fun. 

Did you know little girls loved to dance ALL the time?  Their daughters and all the girls skipped, jumped, tumbled, danced, twirled, spun, and sank like little swans all over the dance floor.  It was exhausting just to watch them.  And, the boys…same, with running, chasing, leaping, and hiding.

At 8:15 the doors popped open to the MEI Screaming Eagles Marching Band.  

 Maestro Chad leading the band in happy birthday.  

 The band played Rains Down in Africa, Land of a Thousand Dances and a couple of  fabulous drums and percussion sets. 

Just watching the students performing, you know how much respect they have for Chad and Willow.  One of a few highlights, their daughter Cherokee sang “I Believe In You” the song from the 2010 Olympics, and Traleen, Willow’s sister sang, “She’s A Superwoman.”  Yes, Willow is a super woman.  Together they have three daughters and a son.  They are beauties too and their son, all boy, all the time.   We love this family.  And then, there was DANCING. 

The drums section of the MEI Screaming Eagles Marching Band.

Then, what happened… another celebration.  Saturday, my older brother and his wife celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Wow, the second sibling to arrive at this magic number.  Another party, more food, more drinks, more toasts, and lots of laughter.  We are next at the 50 years and we have many years before we reach that illustrious number.  A piece of cake, right.  

And now, I am off  for a long walk/run around the park.  Oh, and that orange ball in the sky?  The sun finally arrived on the coastland.  It was a hallelujah moment, I think summer is next week, maybe…please, can we have some sun and warmth now.    Stay safe.  Stay warm.  Stay calm and most of all, stay loved.

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