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I have been searching for the perfect book to read to mom.  She is getting a bit bored with The Careful Man, Frederick Forsyth’s short story from his collection, No Comebacks. 

The criterion is simple, more a novella than a novel or a short story written for older children or a similar story as The Careful Man.  As mother would say, “they got their comeuppance for being greedy.”   The story must have a happy end, no violence, no sexual contact, no innocent children injured, physically or mentally, and no descriptive passages evoking an ominous event about to happen.  Hugs are okay and maybe a kiss or two and a glance of appreciation at a pretty woman or handsome man. 

Why so defined?  Simple… it cannot trigger anything in her memory towards anxiety or people trying to steal from her or men trying to kill her.  I’ve dealt with all of the above, sometimes all subjects at once, for days on end.  The staff would be grateful as well. 

So… any suggestions for a book to read to mother??

Mama’s countenance is very good right now.  No skewed thinking.  I cut her hair last week.  Third time was lucky.  No “oops” at all.   Well, maybe there is a tiny section which is a smidgen longer than the rest.  While I was cutting mom’s hair, the nurse popped in.  Her comment was, “Oh, you are a hairdresser?” 

“No, not even close.”  And then we laughed.  Mom is always a bit tentative when I pick up a pair of scissors and yet, she trusts me to do a good job.  Go figure.

Stay safe, warm and very much loved.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol,

    Regarding a book for your mom, I can’t think of a one right now…….grr. makes me want to write one especially for her.

    Hugs to you from far away Janesville


  2. Thanks, Pam. She was talking about death yesterday. I think it was because I had mentioned to one of the workers that I had not seen a resident for a while. She said the woman has been gone for two months. Nothing wrong with Mom’s hearing or thinking – she asked if the woman had died? So… there we go. While I was curling Mom’s hair, she said she was afraid to die. She was really tired yesterday. Life isn’t it.

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