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Born in Michigan

Mama was born in Trout Creek, Michigan in 1915.  Technically, is she an American or a Canadian? 

Mom was born in her grandparents home, a huge three story structure on acreage.   I have a photo of my great-grandmother, a wee woman, with white curly hair, standing beside her house.  Great-Grandmother Victoria was in the garden, scowling at the photographer.   I am imagining a scolding was not far behind the snapping of the photo.  She lived to be 95 years old.  Mother, who is 94 1/2 years old, advises me, she will not die until she is 95.   Mother has a great affinity to my fierce looking great-grandmother.  I am guessing the scowl was a big front for a tender-hearted woman who survived crossing the ocean, settling in a new country and raising a huge family.   I come from a very long line of fierce, strong-willed, warrior women.  If I live to be 95, I am going to need a lot of money, and, hopefully, be as healthy as my Scottish great-grandmother.  Now, my French great-grandmother, another story, another strong woman.

Mama is doing fairly well this week.  Thank you Lorna and Colleen for visiting this weekend. 

To my American cousins and very dear friends in California and Texas, a happy 4Th of July.  Enjoy the fireworks.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You sound like a strong woman to me, and an especially good daughter. I admire the way you take care of your mother.

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