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The Heat Is On…

Summer arrived at 1:42 pm on Monday, July 5th.  It was a hallelujah moment.   It truly was great weather for the Olympics in February, but, this May-vember and June-uary weather was grating on the nerves.  It has been so grey and overcast or raining.  We wanted summer!  Did we get it, close to 30 degrees celsius today.   Hot, Hot, Hot. Thankfully, no humidity, there would be melting.

**Note: I was told it was 34 celsius, even hotter!  Ok, then.

“Would you like a boat with that motor?”   We have a vintage or as the Big Guy says, “It’s a classic,” 4-seater, Starcraft boat for evening rides on the water.   Pajo’s Fish & Chips is at the bottom of the Government dock in Steveston.  We can pull the boat up to the deck, climb the ladder, order, and be back on the water in 10 minutes.  Ladner has a couple of houseboat communities. We like the one on the Fraser River side.  Wish you could have been with us, fish and chips, ice tea, the sun shining, a slight breeze to cool your brow, calm water and pretty houseboats to look at.

Gingerbread Boathouse on the River

When the sun is shining on this coastland, there is no other place to be.  Enjoy your evening, stay safe, stay cool and very much-loved. 

PS ~ Mama is doing well, no more infection, but, the asthma is kicking up a storm in her lungs and her hair looks great.  It is all about the hair today.


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  1. Sounds lovely. Our heat index hit 106 degrees today with 50% humidity. A breezy boat ride would be wonderful.

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