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I have a shoe addiction.  Shoes, lovely shoes.  Buttery soft leather shoes.  Black lacy, pointed toes with little sparkles and three inch heel shoes.  Shiny patent shoes.  Beaded sandals.  Red suede platform heels.   Oh and boots!  Don’t forget the snake skin trouser boots.  Or the tall black boots with the little buckles.  The chocolate brown embroidered suede, made in the mountains of Italy boots.  Now, those dear friends are boots! Some days,  it is all about the shoes…

Yes, I know, and every other woman has the addiction too.  In fact, a shoe addiction is not restricted to women only.  My father had fabulous shoes.  My sons have inherited the gene.  The Big Guy is finally  jumping on the shoe addiction bandwagon after all these years.  Shh… he has the same pair of  sandals in three different colours.  Huge deal for him.  Me, that’s nothing.

I have shelves of footwear.  Some hidden, some out in the open, and all mine.  I love me some shoes.  It is an addiction.  Someone once said it was becoming a fetish.  Really?   Now, that may be stretching it a bit.  I am not down on my knees licking pretty shoes!  No, just want to touch the them, admire them, well, maybe, a little lust over really pretty ones.  I guess I do have a shoe fetish.  I give rather an excessive amount of time admiring lovely shoes.   After all, I am a woman of taste, champagne taste.  I will zero in on the most expensive pair on display, every time.  There is also a limit as to the amount I will spend.  I have some discipline in life.

Perhaps, I do not have a true addiction, only a little lust for fine shoes, of which, I can stop at any time… Right.  I will go shopping for shoes with anyone and spend their money, on great shoes, for them.  Get my fix and not spend a dime of my own money.  Works for me. 

Life being life, is full of stress, deadlines, demands, and worries over Mama, so, today, it is all about the shoes.  

 The shoes I am wearing to a big wedding in Ottawa soon.

Black, lacy with tiny jet beads stilettos!

 I love these shoes.  My legs look long and lean, well, from the knee down.

The absolute best part when buying these babies, was the price.  $90.00 down from, wait for it – $315.00. Don’t you love a bargain.  The shoe store, which has fabulous shoes all the time, had a sale to end all sales a couple of years ago.  Lucky for me, I live in a town where there are a lot of little people, with tiny feet.  My size is always available and I get a great deal, most of the time.  Stuart Weitzman.  Calvin Klein.  Kenneth Cole.  Browns and Ingledew’s own made in Italy shoes.   They may not be Pradas or Manolos, Valentinos or Louboutins, but, they are mine.  All mine.

My favourite going to weddings shoes or a night on the town. 

I am wearing my black patent with a Lucite wedge which shows a little toe cleavage around the house today.  Another wedding, outside, in the sunshine, tomorrow.  No stilettos to poke through the grass. 

Today, it is all about the shoes.  Tomorrow, I will go back to less frivolous issues, maybe.

Stay safe and loved.


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  1. Love those!

    When I can’t sleep, I get on bergdorf’s web site and ogle the shoes. Love that, especially the ones that are well and truly useless. :)

  2. Lora

    I checked out Bergdorf’s shoe salon, evening shoes. Love the shoes. Did you see the Valentino lace confection shoes for 4700.00. I love Valentino’s designs. He knew how to design for a woman. Someone else is the head designer now.

    We were in New York a few years ago, lusted over all the shoes, but, just could not drop that much on a pair of shoes.

  3. After I had a baby, my feet went up a shoe size. All my lovely collection was gone… I swear I might have actually mourned for the shoes. :) They weren’t designer, but they were lovely.

  4. BFB – me too, up a size. I kept a few pairs. I couldn’t let them go. I like a bargain. My spiritual daughters – not of my body daughters, get the ones that hurt my feet.

    Lovely shoes are lovely shoes, the name doesn’t mean a thing, even the designer ones can hurt the feet. Maybe one day I will splurge on a high end designer, maybe… nope, can’t do it.

  5. This spiritual daughter likes your shoe addiction!

    • Hey Sweet Girl – yes, we all know I am a shoe nut. How are Sophie’s little “kelly” shoes fitting her? I will have to go on a shoe run to Nordstroms Rack soon, see what I can find my little pretend grand-daughters. Nola’s must getting big for her “kelly” shoes too, will have to talk to Jamie. See what I can find next trip to Seattle. Love you and miss you.

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