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A week of mediocrity, the same old, same old,  with the added bonus of  mother-in-law visits to mix it up a bit.  The crowning moment was dropping the 18.5 litre water bottle on the kitchen floor.  The plastic bottle broke.  Can you say my favourite word?  Now, it is play time, and time to write the scenes.

One major scene with a lot of dialogue has developed.  I changed the setting a few times.  In the end, the story is back in the kitchen.  The dialogue is great, I think, until the critique,  it is fabulous.  Well, in my mind, it is fabulous.   If the critique is less than glowing, I will survive.  I’ve grown  a thick skin.  I can take it now.  I can carry on. 

Just for fun check out this site.   I Write Like  is a website a fellow chapter member found.  It is a time waster.  It is good for a laugh.  I submitted two writing assignments from a UBC creative writing course.  The first submission was part of a postcard story.   I write like Margaret Mitchell.  Yes, the same Margaret Mitchell who wrote GONE WITH THE WIND.  The second submission is from my wip.  I write like Anne Rice.   Too funny, considering I abhor vampire books!   Wait until my son, the English teacher hears this.

With visions of semi-grandeur, I am off to see mama.  Mother is doing  well.  I am reading SKYLARK, the second book in the SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL series.  Mom is tracking the story as I read.  It is good, it is all good, well, except for the food.  One day, I will tell you about the chef’s special, definitely not good.


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  1. I had an editor call me the “Jenny Crusie of erotica” — best compliment EVER.

    • There you go! Writing a sex scene is hard, cannot imagine writing erotica. It would be a very slim book.

  2. I got Kipling on that web site.

    I have read exactly this of Kipling: That poem, If, that was (shamed blush) excerpted in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, which is the only reason I encountered it.

    I was just afraid your blog post was going to be about which truly awesome famous auther I actually write like which is NO ONE otherwise I would *be* truly awesome and famous myself. Although I planned to go with some bullshit answer about Ann Patchett and Sebastian Faulks. Okay, maybe I write like the illegal immigrant who mows their lawns.

  3. I love the site – thanks for the link. It said I write like Stephen King… which might be a problem since I’m going for humorous women’s fiction with a dash of magic. Oh well, the site is fun. :)

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