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Writing like, Part II

Playing in the writing sandbox again.  It is summertime. Who wants to work, well, I like having the necessities of life and I really want to play in the sandbox today. 

My last post, I had played around in the I Write Like sandbox.  I’m played in it again after writing a short scene for a little writing contest.  I, not only write like Margaret Mitchell and Anne Rice, I can write like Stephen King.  How funny is that, since I have never read a Stephen King novel.  I know.  I was raising a family and working, I never made time to read.  Okay, a few books while waiting for the practise to be over and more The Bourne series than King novels.  I know, for some of you readers, my library is sadly lacking.  I always watch The Green Mile when it is on the box.   Does that redeem me?  No.  Oh well, so sad, too bad.   Back to the sandbox.

There was an item in the Associated Press, by Jake Coyle on July 16, 2010 about I Write Like and authors scratching their heads with the results.  Our own Margaret Atwood writes like Stephen King.  I wonder if he knows how many people write like him?

So, being the noisy, geeky thing that I am, I put in a couple of my favourite authors plus the one and only Oscar Wilde.   One of my favourite womans fiction author writes like Stephen King, J.K.Rowling and Raymond Chandler.   So what does that tell us… 

Every writer’s voice is so unique and true to them.

 A favourite guy’s guy author writes like Dan Brown.  If I put another passage from another book, probably another name would pop up.   And, Oscar Wilde….writes like Oscar Wilde. 

Diva Betty writes like Kipling.  Bona Fide Betty writes like Stephen King.  Brenda was told she writes like Jenny Crusie erotic by an editor. 

Didn’t someone say there are no new ideas, just a remix of the old, re-told by another voice, or something like that?  Again, it comes back to your uniqueness, your imagination, your way with words, to write the story as only you can. 

To this day I can recite portions of Kipling’s work.  Riki Tiki Tavi…loved that one.  How many remember Kipling wrote the short story which became a Disney classic, The Jungle Book?  Or the poem Gunga Din?  Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Victor McLaglen  and Sam Jaffe as Gunga Din, all starred  in the 1939 movie.   I will watch any movie starring Cary Grant.

I wonder how many write like Jane Austen or William Shakespeare or The Bronte sisters or Henry James or one of your favourite literary authors?  That’s the thing, you write for you. 

There is another little scene playing out in my mind.  I had better go write it down.   Have you played in the writer’s sandbox today? 

Stay cool, safe and very much-loved.


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  1. I still can’t believe that site said I write like Stephen King. This might be a bad sign since I am trying to write magical love stories. :)

  2. Well, apparently a whole whack of us write like Stephen King. I think we all write like ourselves, unique and wonderfully made to write very good stories. The only story I know is the Green Mile. It has magical qualities to it with the bees thing going on.

    I think you write wonderfully. I am waiting for the stories.

  3. Stormy Gonzales said:

    I write like Stephen King too, apparently.

    • And there you have it, more people I know of and know, write like Stephen King. Perhaps, there is a certain cadence to our words or way of speaking/writing which translates into something resembling Mr. King’s works. Interesting. Does that mean if we ever get published, eventually, we will all make a boat load of cash for our old, old age? Ha.

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